My how things have changed… post on Religion, Prophecies and Beliefs from January 2012

I just found a blog post that I wrote in January 2012.  Wow!  Have things ever changed since 2012!

I know I’ve written blog posts that say the end of 2012 was not the ‘end of the world’, and that it was the beginning of something new.  Dec. 21/2012 ~ remember that day!, oh my!  What a big deal it was leading up to that!

Anyway, I came across this post from the beginning of 2012, before the big shift in consciousness.  No kidding, this is how it used to be for people like me.

Usually when I share posts from before it is because what is written still applies and can still be helpful for you now.  I am sharing this one because things have changed so much in the past 3 years, this doesn’t even seem to apply anymore… its like 90% of the people that I cross paths with are AWAKE, and even the ones that aren’t don’t seem quite so afraid (as the ones written about in this post).

Not sure if you all have noticed this change as well or not, but I wanted to share this “old” post as a way of showing what the “old earth energy” used to feel like more often than not.

You Are Love

You Are Love





Prophecies and Religious Views

I’ve been thinking of writing a blog post for a while about fear and religion and how it fits in with what I do.  Those of you who have been clients for a long time, know the difference between a Fortune Teller and a Psychic and Medium and what I do.  When I connect with your energy, I can usually see where you have been, where you are and where you are headed.  I tell you what direction you are headed in and I assist you to make your own choices based on the path you are on.  You are either happy with the path and continue on, or you are not happy with it and make adjustments to change things.  It is so very rare when I see something for someone that seems like it cannot be adjusted.

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Video of the Month by Hannah Shotbolt

So I wrote a blog post the other day You are God, and Jesus was a man.

I came across this video titled “You Are God” and I enjoyed it, thought you might as well.  Note, the video is slightly controversial and she curses ~ a lot.  So if F-Bombs bother you, don’t watch it.

If you just want to spend 10 minutes listening to young woman talk about God while doing her nails then have at it.

Love Tamara

You are God and Jesus was a Man

Yes, I just said that out loud.  I have known this for a really long time, but it’s not something that I have stated out loud publicly like this.  I think it’s time though.  I speak my truth, and if I lose a reader or two that is okay.  I have come to realize that you cannot please everyone, or be everything to every person, so I may as well.  Besides, I think most of you that are reading this will agree with me.  Will probably even be happy to know that what you feel to be true, deep inside, is shared by someone else.

I was raised Roman Catholic, so it feels almost blasphemous to put this in writing even though I know it is my truth.  I was also born psychic and seeing dead people though, and I was born in the 60’s so it took a while for me to state the truth of my psychic-ness out loud too.  For more than half of my life I told almost no one what I did, it was not widely accepted (at least not from where I was looking).  I was quite scared that I would lose friends, or that people would treat me differently or be afraid of me.

You Are God

So here it is.  YOU ARE GOD.  God is not a ‘man’ that lives in the sky.  God is not a force to ‘fear’.  God is not anything outside of you.  That is why ‘we are creators’.  Because we are God.  Source, Source Energy, God, Universal Energy … All GOD.  All different words for the same thing.  The life force, the creation, the creator of All That Is.   God is not a ‘he’, God is not a ‘she’, an it, or anything else.  God is Energy.  God is love.

You Are Love

You Are Love

Jesus Embodied the “Christ Consciousness”

Jesus was a man.  A lot of people will take issue with this.  A lot won’t.  One day I was speaking with the JW women that come to my door to discuss their religion and Jesus, and they asked me who Jesus was.  I did not tell them “Jesus was a man”, I didn’t want to freak them out too badly (I’ve already told them I have seen Spirits, although they have no idea that I am a medium and see and talk to LOTS of Spirits).  I said “Jesus was the son of God”.  They were quite happy that I got it “right”.  They went on to explain that there are some people who think that Jesus “IS God”, not the SON OF God.

I was like What????   What difference does it make?  Once again I did not say that out loud to them (I do sometimes know when to keep my mouth shut).  So here’s the thing.  We are ALL God, we are ALL the Son of God in a sense.  Nothing is separated out of Source Energy.  Source Energy is IN everything, Source Energy IS everything.  The entire universe is a giant swirling ball of Energy.  God is Energy.  We are not separate from God, or Jesus, or Mohammad, or Buddha or anything else.  They are not separate from us.

What people describe as God, is the love and life in all of us.  I don’t care who you are, or what your beliefs are, or if you are the biggest a-hole on the planet, you are still a part of God.

I have talked to Jesus, Jesus has talked to me.  He was/is a MAN.  A very enlightened man, a healer, a phenomenal teacher, a psychic.  He has taught me a thing or two, he has shared his strength with me when I have been afraid, he’s sat in my car with me and given me messages while I’m driving.  (Now that was a trip!)

The Second Coming

But Jesus was a man.  That is what the “Christ Consciousness” is.  And when “they” (sacred texts & those who preach them) talk about “the second coming of Christ”.  I’ve talked to him.  He’s not planning on coming back the way it’s been portrayed.  He’s not going to incarnate in the same body, and come floating down from heaven, where everyone is thinking of the pictures they have seen in the bible, and think “oh there’s Jesus, he looks just like his picture on Facebook!

It is not Jesus the man that is returning.  It is the Consciousness that he embodied.  The love, the awareness that we are God, the knowledge that we are healers, that we are creators, that we are all one.  That knowledge (Christ Consciousness) is what is returning.  And it HAS returned for many of you.  It has returned for everyone who is ready to acknowledge it.  If you are still stuck in separation, you won’t feel it.  If you think that God is outside of you, that your neighbor is any different than you, that competition is more important than cooperation, you will not understand this.

We Are Here

We Are Here

If you don’t understand it, that is okay too.  We are all on our own journey and we will all take whatever path we want to take; that we are drawn to take.  Those that have “found Jesus” as something outside of themselves are not wrong.  Like I said, I’ve met him, and finding him and having his support is fantastic ~ what a great Soul to have walking with you.

Hard pill for some to swallow, but for those of you who were wondering… this is where I stand on the subject of God.

The “Problem” with Religion

I need to start this post with saying that I respect your beliefs and, I respect the fact that you have a religion you follow if that is the case for you.  I don’t ‘belong’ to an organized religion myself anymore, but that was a personal choice I made once I started listening directly to God.  If religion is to be believed, than EVERY SINGLE PERSON on the planet is going to Hell.  I don’t believe in hell as portrayed by religions, they invented hell so they would have something to threaten us with.

I sometimes have clients (or acquaintances), that say, “I can’t talk about this, I’m Christian”, regarding my work.  I have no problem at all dropping the subject, or answering difficult questions, if you have them.  I think it is sad though that some Religions have replaced God and Love with Fear and Separation.

I simply do not understand why having a “Religion” keeps you from talking to and listening to God.  I was brought up Roman Catholic and there was a lot of fear instilled in me from a young age about my gifts, I get it.  In church they talked about “demons” and “Satan”, and how bad things were all over.  They also talked about the Bible, and how in the bible stories God was everywhere, and God talked to people.  That we were God, God was IN US.

Where and when did it come about that when God speaks to us we are not allowed to listen for fear that it is not really God at all?  Faith is a good thing to have, it helps many people, myself included.  Religion is another matter.  Having a religion and going to church can be a wonderful thing.  Just being in the presence of other people in a church, and feeling all the good and loving energies can be awe inspiring ~ I know, I have been.  It is nice to have like-minded people to be around, where you can open up your heart, and feel connected to other’s and to Source.

It is important to remember though that “God is in YOU”.  You are not separate from the Source of all that is.  This is where organized religions fall short sometimes.  On the one hand, they teach that God is everywhere and in everything, and then in the next moment they tell you that you are not worthy of “listening” to God.  You are allowed to talk to God through prayer, but you are not allowed to listen to God.

I can tell you right now, that God talks to each and every one of you all the time.  Your religion has just made you afraid to listen.  You are told “God is Love” ~ then two minutes later you are told to “fear God” ~ followed by talk of “the Wrath of God”.  Really?  Love and Fear are two COMPLETELY different energy vibrations.  It is simply impossible for them to occupy the same space.  Just as it cannot be light and dark at the same time, you cannot have love and fear and wrath all at the same time.

You have been told you are not ‘special’ enough for God to talk to you.  I am telling you, you are special.  Stop being so fearful, and be loving, allow yourself to listen to God.  God/Source talks to you all the time.

Obviously Faith has changed over the last couple thousand years.  Religions have been taken over by “leaders” that want to stop you from listening to God, and from connecting to your own Infinite Source.  A lot of Religions now just want to keep you disempowered.  Faithful, but powerless.

I am not saying that you should stop going to church, or ditch your religion.  I AM saying that maybe it is time that you stopped listening to MEN (or women), that tell you to stop listening to God.  God wants to talk to you, God wants you to listen, and to trust.  Source is there, always.  Has always been there.  Please remember your connection, and listen to God and your inner wisdom, that part of you that is a part of God, not to “humans” that would like to disempower you by having you shut down your beautiful connected soul.





Prophecies and Religious Views

I’ve been thinking of writing a blog post for a while about fear and religion and how it fits in with what I do.  Those of you who have been clients for a long time, know the difference between a Fortune Teller and a Psychic and Medium and what I do.  When I connect with your energy, I can usually see where you have been, where you are and where you are headed.  I tell you what direction you are headed in and I assist you to make your own choices based on the path you are on.  You are either happy with the path and continue on, or you are not happy with it and make adjustments to change things.  It is so very rare when I see something for someone that seems like it cannot be adjusted.

I often have discussions with people about this.  Or maybe I should say, I often have people tell me that what I do is an “evil” thing that must be messages from Satan.  When I had my computer fixed in the fall, the fellow that fixed it deduced what I did based on the things that were on my computer.  He shared a scripture with me that included phraseology that said “our loved ones do not prophesize and they do not know what will happen in our future, if you get these messages then it is coming from Satan”.  I put this in quotes, but I am sure I haven’t quoted the scripture exactly, this is just what I got out of what he said.

I thought about what he said for a moment, and I agree with him except the part about coming from Satan.  I guess I’d never given it a lot of thought, but when loved ones come in to a reading to speak to you, they don’t tell you what is going to happen to you, they don’t come across as fortune tellers or try to tell you what to do.  For the most part they come to say hi and let you know that they are okay.  Your guides do the same thing ~ they guide you, they don’t tell you what you must do.  Your own intuition works this way too.  Ever have a feeling you shouldn’t go to a certain place, or take a certain route home, and then later found out that there was an accident on the road you avoided.  You weren’t told “you are going to be in an accident”, you were told, “take a different road”.  That is how a reading with me works.  You get signs and guideposts and an idea of where you are headed, what the road might look like and a ballpark idea of how long it might take you to get there ~ what you do with the information is up to you.

I just got an the following email last Friday:

From: Brad Daley []
Sent: Friday, January 20, 2012 10:41 AM
Subject: Witchcraft 

Deu 18:10  There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch,

Deu 18:11  Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.

Deu 18:12  For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee.

You are bringing your followers under a curse. Expect judgement.

Wow.  Believe it or not, I get this a lot.   There is a TON of fear in this email and I think it’s a shame.  I can pretty much say for certain that I don’t do “witchcraft”.  I do however work with energy.  Working with energy is more science and quantum physics than witchcraft.  Not that I have an opinion on witchcraft either way ~ I just don’t know much about it, and I do know that energetically speaking ‘what comes around goes around’ so I leave it up to you to decide for yourself what this means.

I am kind of getting off topic as far as my first sentence above was written, but I guess one of the (many) points I want to make is that a lot of what is written in religious scripture is written in a way to disempower people.   Just as a psychic that is inexperienced or not working with the light may disempower you, so may certain religious words.  There is as much in the religious scriptures about positive, uplifting prophecy and people speaking and listening to God, as there is about negative “prophets”.

If you ask certain highly religious people they will tell you that the bible was written by God.  When you ask, “did God take human form and pick up a quill and ink, and pen it himself”, they say, “well, no, he channeled it through his prophets”.  Then they will continue on to tell you that prophecy is negative (see above email).  Only my opinion, but this seems pretty contradictory to me.   We can all work with Divine Love and Light, or we can chose to work with the darker or more negative energies that are out there.


What message do you want to spread?

I have a couple of ladies that come to visit me every couple of weeks. The one that has been coming the longest is Judy and she is a very sweet woman. We usually end up talking for about 5 or 10 minutes and they usually leave me a copy of the Watchtower or Awake. They are Jehovah’s Witnesses and they are doing what they can to help spread their word.

Now I know a lot of people don’t like the Jehovah’s Witnesses coming to their door and they make fun of them or get mad at them. I don’t agree with everything thing they say, and its a shame that they are so fearful, but really, they are just like me and you and they are doing what they know.

We actually have some very good conversations. For the past few months they had been talking about Armageddon – a lot. I told them that each and every day is Armageddon for someone, somewhere.

Its funny, normally when they come now, I talk much more than they do. I do not preach, but they will say something and I cannot help but respond with what I know.

I talk to them a lot about spreading love not fear. I was talking of the fact that what we put out there can snowball. Last time they were here, I told them that with some of the crises going on in the world, we had an opportunity to spread love, and acknowledge all the positive loving people that are on the planet right now. It was apparent that that had not occured to them until I said it. That was not where their focus was.

I talked about what difference each of us could make. When we come into contact with someone, we can chose to interact with love or with fear/anger. Just one loving interaction with one person can change our energy for the whole day. Why don’t we chose to be the one that can assist someone to feel better? It is so easy. Say thank you to someone. Be polite when in a store, don’t rush so much and don’t be so self absorbed that you think other people’s time isn’t as important as yours. Speeding and tailgaiting while on the road can cause angst for whoever it is you just cut off. Why not just be a bit more patient, take 30 seconds more to get to where you need to go and spread that type of energy, instead of the fear energy we feel when you are driving agressively around us?

We have all had experiences where we’ve driven somewhere and by the time we got to our destination we are basket cases because of how those in other cars were acting. DON’T BE THAT PERSON IN THE OTHER CAR!!!! You will be less frazzled and the rest of us on the road will appreciate it.

But I digress. Judy left me a couple of articles to read, which I probably will if I have time. She said “Oh, you probably don’t watch the news then, I don’t”. I said quite the contrary. I told her that I did watch the news. How else could I know where my prayers are needed most? I told her that when I watch the news, I do not look at the screen with thoughts of “oh no, what a mess the world is”. I look at it and send loving and healing energy wherever it is needed. When I see how many people are trying to help I can visibly see the love that is being projected, that is where I put my focus.

I am only one person, sending one set of prayers to many different areas of the planet. However, I believe it does make a difference.

Just before Judy walked away today, I put my hand on her shoulder, and I said. Just remember, when you are going to people’s doors today, focus on the love of what is in the world, not the fear of what is out there. I hope she thinks on it and makes that decision. I know that she no longer mentions anything to me about “Armageddon or “God’s Anger”, as a matter of fact, today the scripture she shared with me talked all about God’s love, and the loving people on earth. Maybe she’s getting it…..Love is what its all about.