Why Do I Keep Seeing My Name Everywhere ~ The Synchronicity of Your Name

There are synchronicities everywhere, all you need to do is acknowledge them.  If it is a true synchronicity you don’t have to really look for them, all you need to do is practice awareness and you will begin to see more and more of them everywhere.

My guides have told me that most of the time the synchronicities are more than mere coincidence; more often than not they are messages from Spirit.  Your loved ones, angels, teachers and guides are always trying to help you in a non-obtrusive way.  They won’t force you into anything, but they will often gently push by showing you synchronicities as a way for you to begin to listen to your intuition.

Some synchronicities come about because when we were in Soul form, we planned our lives, and allowed for the opportunity of synchronistic events to help show us when we were on the correct path(or easiest path, rarely are we on the wrong path, some are just harder than others).

When you dismiss synchronicities as they come, you end up seeing less and less of them.  There are some that are really hard to ignore though.  Such as seeing repetitive numbers (11:11), or names; especially if it is your own name.


Why do I keep seeing 11:11 all over the place


The most common reason you see, or hear, or meet people with, your own name over and over

I asked this question of my guides and they were more than happy to give me an answer to share with you.  This phenomenon is getting more and more common for many of you and it is generally good news.  One of the reasons it is appearing to more of you is because of the planetary and dimensional shifts we have all been collectively going through.

If you keep seeing your name when you rarely ever saw it before chances are you have been going though a bit of a rough patch, or through some very big changes.  Things have probably been very up and down and all around for you.  Like a roller coaster or merry-go-round.  You feel okay a lot of the time, but stuff just keeps cropping up for you.  You’ve been working on releasing old stuff that doesn’t work for you so that these recurring themes that had plagued you will stop and you can move on.

Seeing your own name over and over is a sign that you are on the right path and that things will be getting more and more comfortable for you.

A lot of you who are seeing your own name are light-workers yourselves.  You already know you are slightly different, but up till now you may have thought it was not safe to ‘be yourself’.  Maybe you have been afraid to acknowledge to yourself, or to others, how you really feel.  You may feel a ‘disconnect’ from some of these worldly ‘problems’ that seem to have other people all upset.  You know to the core of your being that large parts of what you see and hear out there are illusions.  You know things can be better for our planet, whether you know precisely what that would look like or not.

you are a lightworker

Think of being “comfortable in your own skin” or with who you are ~ your name.

If you landed on this page because you Googled “why do i keep seeing my name everywhere“, I hope this has helped you understand that you are doing okay, you will continue to be doing okay, and to keep loving yourself, and embracing all of who you really are to the core of your being.

With much love




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Higher Dimensional Energies DO NOT Want to Tell You What To Do

We all have guides, teachers, angels, ascended masters, and loved ones, (perhaps ancestors we don’t even know) that spend time with us whether we realize it or not. I usually just call them my “peeps”.

Most of you reading this post realize this, at least on some level, or you probably would not have been drawn to my site.

Your peeps DO NOT want to tell you what to do. You need to really understand this, it is important.

We are on earth to have an experience. OUR experience. NOT someone else’s experience. This might sound harsh, but they DO NOT care what you do! They want you to be happy, they want to support you energetically to get what YOU want. NOT what they want for you.

In the case of loved ones who have crossed over, they may have told you what to do when they were here, but they DON’T CARE WHAT YOU DO AS LONG AS YOU ARE HAPPY.

Most messages that come from your peeps will be messages that empower you to be happy and create the life that YOU want. That’s it. They want you to be happy.

Most of the time, if you are talking about your problems you are just making your problems stick even more. Your peeps don’t always want to talk about worry, or guilt or problems.

All of your solutions lie in your vibration, your offering to the Universe. If you offer out crap, you will get back crap. Your peeps want to help you to help yourself. They don’t want to talk about your problems. They want to talk about what you are offering up to the Universe, what you are putting out there, what you are getting back.

Psychic Readings with me are all about solutions, NOT problems. If you need to let go of something in order to raise your vibration, that will be shared with you. If you need to add something (healing, meditation, training in something, etc.), that will be shared with you.

If you ask specific questions, often you will get specific answers. Sometimes you won’t. If it DISEMPOWERS you, or takes your free will and choice out of the equation, you will not get a specific answer. Not from higher dimensional energies, they won’t live your life for you.

My Guides are My Life Coach

Over the past few months I have been blogging a lot about Creating.  Creating our own reality, creating our lives.  I have been coaching and mentoring for quite a few years now, and I decided that maybe I needed a coach myself.  As I was looking for answers and a coach, my Guides stepped forward and offered to be that for me.  Normally our Guides do not interfere with our lives, and my guides are no different. They are not interfering, but they have offered to give me some extra help and the little “push” that I need to start living my life purpose.  I have asked, and they have answered, for this I am very grateful.

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to do.  We have so many things we want, so many things that seem to be missing from our lives.  I see it in my own life, the lives of my friends and family, and in the lives of my clients.

Most people I come into contact with know there is more to life than what is manifesting right now.  Many of you have studied the Law of Attraction and it just doesn’t seem to work a lot of the time.

The Law of Attraction is like the Law of Gravity.  Whether you are aware of it or not it is there.  It is impacting your life every second of every day.  Ignoring it or being unaware of its existence does not mean it is not there.

Thing is, a lot of the information available stops short of telling you what to do or how to do it.  You cannot meditate and affirm your way into the life you want.  You need to take action.

Sometimes you don’t know what action to take.  Because you have gone through so much of your life not being aware of the Law of Attraction, (it is new to you), now that you know about it, you have no idea what to do with it.  So much of what you read is contradictory.  Do this, but not that, this way, not that way.  It might seem to work for you for a few things, or for a short time, then things go off the rails again.  It can get very discouraging.

I am a firm believer that we CREATE our reality, and that constant change is necessary.  We need to follow our inspirations and our gut feelings, even if they feel uncomfortable.

It is for that reason that I have done up a new website.  I will keep this website up and I will continue to do readings for those that want them.  However, I have been told quite clearly that I am to start teaching even more than I have in the past.

I have a very clear connection to my Guides, Angels, God and the Universe and always have.  I am blessed in this way.  I am going to focus more on Coaching and Mentoring, and on teaching you how to connect with your divine purpose in life and to create the life that YOU want.

I have asked my Guides to be my Life Coach and Mentors.  I am ready to listen and to change and to create what I want.  I feel I was given these gifts and this knowledge so that I can share them.

You all have the gifts I have inside of you.  Don’t you think its time to learn how to use them?  If you would like help to create the time of your life check out my new website.  Empowering-Persepectives.com “Personal Training for Your Soul”.

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