Stop It!

Bob newhart therapy

This video is one of my favourites of all time.

Its all tongue in cheek, I hope you get a giggle out of it.


Are You Afraid of Success?

There are many reasons some people are afraid of success.  It could be fear that if you are successful and make a lot of money people won’t like you (how do you feel about rich people?).

You could have subconscious fears about your family life changing, or not having enough time if you are successful.  Fear of judgments from others’.  There are many reasons for blocks to success.

let go of fear

If you are not sure if you have blocks to success, but you don’t yet feel successful in your life, then try this hypnosis by Michael Sealey for a few nights in a row.  If you do have any success blocks, after listening to this for a few days you may find yourself wanting to do more with your business, or your life, or something generally different in whatever area of your life you are holding yourself back in.

I’d love to hear how it goes for you if you decide to try it, feel free to leave me a comment below.


If you need someone to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective and help you navigate changes in your life, to see if the changes you are considering are supported by Spirit, a psychic reading can help. You can contact me here.

If you want to hear what others have said about their readings you can check that out on my Psychic Reading Testimonial/Review page.


Anger and Resentment ~ Self Hypnosis

Its time for another video for you.

This video won’t be for everyone who is reading this right now, but it will be here for future reference for those that don’t need it at the moment.

Some of you are going through some pretty tough times.  For some of you, it is something that you suspected that you needed to let go of last year.  This was part of your own path and choices, but some of you are feeling very angry and resentful with the way things ended up; you are feeling like certain aspects of your life were ripped away from you (money, relationships, job).

This manifests in a lot of anger and resentment and feelings that life is not fair.  How could he or she or they do this to you?

self hypnosis meditation

This is a wonderful Hypnosis by Michael Sealey.  You can listen to it when you go to bed tonight and allow his words to permeate your subconscious.  You don’t need to stay awake ~ as a matter of fact it will likely make you fall right asleep.  A welcome thing for those of you who are so stressed you aren’t sleeping properly.

When you listen to self-hypnosis while sleeping it can more easily get the ideas into your subconscious.  If you were to just try and ‘talk yourself into’ releasing anger and resentment, you would counteract all your ‘affirmations’ with negativity.  That is simply how the human brain works.

By listening to this while asleep, your ‘conscious brain’ cannot counteract the positive words in the hypnosis session.

So, give it a try, you have absolutely nothing to lose; but you just may find that tomorrow morning you wake up after a refreshing sleep and feeling a LOT better.

Hypnosis for Releasing Anger and Resentment with Guided Forgiveness

If you try this, go ahead and leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear how it worked for you.

With Love

~  Tamara

Arnold Schwarzenegger – 6 Rules of Success

I loved this so much, I just have to share it here.  Who do you want to be?  What makes you happy?

6 rules of success

I don’t think I even need to say much about this except, “Watch This”


Science vs. Spirituality

Gregg Braden

I’m sharing a Gregg Braden video in this post.  This man is my hero.  I was raised Roman Catholic, I was born psychic, and I have always been interested in the science behind my gifts ~ and our lives here on earth.

Gregg Braden has a gift for explaining how we can blend science and spirituality.  I will share this one video and if you are interested you will watch it, and can find more on YouTube.  I had the opportunity to meet him briefly in Phoenix in 2010, and listen to him speak for an entire day.  Hearing him explain what he knows was life changing for me that day. So much of what he shared that day gave a scientific voice to what I had intuitively known for most of my life.

I believe that a lot of what we think we are discovering for the first time now, we have lived before.  I believe that the old civilizations, the Aztecs, the Hopis, the Incas, the Mayans, knew things that we are just re-learning now.

I’d love to hear what you think of the video.  Watch it if you get a chance.

Clearing and Shielding With Archangel Michael

So, I had an interesting weekend.  We had nice weather here so I managed a nice walk at the river with my pups yesterday.  I got in some play and some R&R and some work.

I did pick up on some strange energies off and on today.  I know they aren’t mine because I’m feeling pretty good when I focus just on myself and what is going on.  I know that I often pick up energies from clients or from ‘out there’ in the world.

I can usually tell if its something other than just me.  I did do my meditations today after I finished working and connecting with other people. I gently and with love disconnected from my clients and their energy.

I wanted to share this Doreen Virtue meditation with you as it is one that I will be doing on my way to sleep this evening.  I probably do this particular one at least once a week.  When I feel like I could use just a little bit extra clearing and shielding and I am too tired to do one last meditation for the day for myself straight through, I listen to someone else walking me through it.

I am pretty tired so I will probably be fast asleep by the time this one completes (less than 8 minutes).


Dr. Masaru Emoto, Water Experiments

I wrote a blog post yesterday about Energetic Vibrations and how our thoughts and energy can affect different parts of our lives.

Last month I also wrote about how our thoughts, which create our emotions, can help create chronic physical pain in our bodies.

Intention is everything.  Everything is energy.  The energy we put out to the world has a huge impact on our lives.

In today’s post I would like to share the work of Dr. Emoto.  He did water crystal experiments to show how our emotional energetic vibrations could change the molecular structure of water crystals.

Dr. Emoto passed away in October of 2014, but his amazing experiments will live on.  He was featured in the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know”, which is where I first heard of him.

When I first saw them, I found his experiments to be totally fascinating and exciting.  I had always known that we can create and change things (including our health and our planet), with our thoughts and emotions, but his work brought that so much farther than any of my explanations could.

In this video, you can actually see under a microscope just how much a positive vibration vs. a negative vibration will change what the water looks (and vibrates) like. Just think, if our thoughts can change water in this way, what can our thoughts to do our bodies and our surroundings?

Our thoughts do create.  They do not only impact water, they can also impact our surroundings.  Via our Energetic Vibration, our thoughts can create the people that come into our life, the situations we experience on a daily basis, our finances, our relationships…everything and anything that comes into our lives.

Check out the video below that shows the water crystals.  What do you think?

Guided Meditation to Clear Your Chakras

I came across this video a few weeks ago and thought I would share it with you because I have used it myself a few times and I like it.

I meditate every day.  Most of the time I do my own meditation to clear my chakras  but sometimes, especially if I am having an extra hard time turning off my brain, I will do a meditation that has someone else walking me through the exercise.

Another reason I find this one helpful is because I can turn it on when I go to bed and it helps me to fall asleep within a few minutes.  I do not always hear the whole meditation but it works to help clear the Chakras even when you are sleeping.


Let me know what you think once you have tried it.


The Double Slit Experiment

“When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change”

~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

That is a great quote, and exactly true in so many ways.  When we can look at things differently, then we can perceive them differently.  If we can look at things with a different perception, it will change the way we feel, what we think and what we create.  It can and does also change actual ‘matter’ on a quantum level.

Intuitively I have known this for as long as I remember, I often perceive things differently than those around me.

I want to share the following video with you because it explains so well just how things can change just by us looking at them.

This is why our future is changeable as well.  When I do readings for people, I often see things that are coming up in the future, but just by being aware of and observing ‘the future’ we have the ability to change it.

Dr. Quantum, The Double Slit Experiment.

You Don’t Say ~ Supernatural, Shaw TV Video Snippet

Some of you may have seen this video before but I realize that it is hiding on my “About Psychic Medium Tamara Hawk” page.  I had it on my home page for a while and I did share it on my Facebook page, but realized I never did share it on my Blog pages.

Shaw TV came to my home and talked to me last year and asked me some questions about my readings and how I do them and how they work.

This is a part of a longer Show they did.  Their Show is “You Don’t Say”, and the title of this one is “Supernatural“.  The video below is just my  part.

If you haven’t met me yet, hopefully this will give you a decent idea of who I am ~  (or who you talk to if you are one of my ‘long distance’ phone clients).