Grounding Meditation

I came across this meditation a couple of months ago, and I just love it.  It helps to ground and clear out all the ‘gunk’ from your energy ~ without tiring you out.  I wouldn’t listen to it while driving, but there is very little risk that it will put you to sleep unless you are tired and needing a nap anyway.

I listen to it almost every day, and on some days a few times.  I have shared it with a couple of clients, but for anyone looking for an awesome Grounding Meditation that will walk you through this process, I highly recommend this one.



Ask for what you REALLY want

So many of us are afraid to ask for what we want, thinking that we won’t get it anyway.

The Universe is an amazing place and you really can have what you want. You just need to ASK. If you do not ASK, you will NOT get. We don’t always know WHERE it will come from, but I guarantee that if you start asking for what you want, and start expecting that you will get it, it will come.

We are living a 5D reality now, and creating what we want is getting easier and easier. Stop thinking small, start thinking big!

What you want does not need to be a THING, it can be a state of mind, or love, or happiness, ANYTHING!

This video shows just how some things can come in an unexpected way. These are ‘things’ but it is still a wonderful video – I just had to share.

Money Can Buy Hapiness

I like this video and wanted to share with you.
It is Harvard Business School professor Michael Norton talking at TEDxCambridge.
If you think money can’t buy happiness, maybe you aren’t spending it right.

Don’t be put off by the title, its a video worth watching.

Removed from The Secret

Those of you that know me, (or read my blog regularly), hear me say all the time “Everything is Energy”. I generally explain it from the perspective of a psychic. Here it is explained by “Experts” and Quantum Physicists.
And Wow, what a great explanation this is!!

Exercise, Blood Sugars and Feeling Better

I came across this video this week and wanted to share it with you.  It is by Dr. Doug McGuff and in it he speaks about exercise and blood sugar levels.  He has written a book called “Body by Science” and mentions it in the video, but it is NOT a sales type of video.  It is full of a lot of good information that may help you if you want it.

A lot of my clients are suffering from fatigue and soreness.  Many doctors will tell you that this is “Fibromyalga“.  I am no doctor, however, I can tell you that some of the symptoms are due to our diet and exercise habits.

If you are suffering from fatigue, or soreness, or obesity, or just want to feel better, it would be worth it to watch this one.

Body By Science from Pinpoint Multimedia on Vimeo.

What is Waiting for you? Can you let go of the Old?

Over the past few years a lot of you have been working on letting things go. A lot of you haven’t. There are so many who are hanging on tightly to what they have always known. Those of you who are doing this are getting more and more uncomfortable. It seems like no matter what you do, things aren’t working out.

As we come up to 11/11/11, those of you that are Spiritually ready for movement, but not yet willing to give things up on your own, are having things ripped away from you, and this is very uncomfortable indeed.

You cannot hang onto the past much longer. Our governments are in trouble (middle east is a good example), our financial systems are in a HUGE transition, our power sources, etc., the list goes on. There is not much that is not changing right now.

In the long run things will be better. Yes, there is a discomfort that comes with change, that is to be expected. However, the longer you try to hold onto the old, the more uncomfortable things need to get.

The list of things people are hanging onto is as endless as the global changes, relationships, friendships, jobs, houses, spouses, cities, animals, habits ~ you name it, you want to keep it: at all costs. Unfortunately, it is costing you dearly.

It is for this reason that I have my horse up for sale. Do I want to sell him? Not really, he’s a good friend, provides me a lot of enjoyment, and he is happy and secure where he is. I have been told from my peeps in no uncertain terms though that he needs to move on to another home. I don’t know exactly when, or where he will go, but I have put out the willingness to find him another home. I don’t want it to come down to crunch time and be forced to re-home him just anywhere, to a home where he might not be well taken care of, or worse yet, wind up as dog food. Is it hard? You bet. Does it sometimes make me cry? Yes. Will I feel a huge loss when he is gone? Most certainly.

BUT. And this is a big BUT. If I decided to not listen to what I know, to hang onto him for as long as possible, to work my darndest to make it work, what would be likely to happen? I would be forced into some sort of a situation, whether it be financial, health, having to change cities….something…. that would help me move on from him. I would rather avoid the heartbreaking discomfort, and just live with some sadness for a while until the next thing in my life presents itself.

So many of you are in the same boat. Some with animals, like me, but more of you with people or jobs. Just hanging on and hanging on. How uncomfortable does your life need to get before you let go?

Even Garth Brooks wrote a song about it. “Unanswered Prayers”. Whenever we let go of something, something else takes its place. EVERY TIME. Think back to other times in your life that you thought you just couldn’t live without something … you are reading this, therefore, you are still here. You did live though it. And more likely than not, you have had some good times in the meantime.

It is impossible for the old and new to co-exist. One needs to go. In order for your life to feel like it is flowing, and moving forward, you must let go. What is meant to stay with you will stay.

The seed of the new cannot take hold and grow if it is surrounded by the shell of the old.

Shawn Gallaway, I Choose Love, Video of the Month

I got back from the “Celebrate Your Life” Conference in Phoenix yesterday.  I met some of the most amazing people.  One of the souls I had the pleasure to connect with was Shawn Gallaway.  Hearing him in person and feeling his energy was quite the experience!

I share one of his uplifting and inspiring songs here.  Give it a listen, open your heart and choose Love for yourself.

The Story of Stuff

This is something I came across quite some time ago and feel the need to share. It explains a lot how things work with our economy and marketing and government and the ‘why’ of some things are in place in our world and our economy.

It is very enlightening and speaks to how marketing can get us to do things that don’t really make much sense. Not that we are ignorant, but companies and governments have a way of scaring us into doing things that we wouldn’t normally do otherwise.

It explains how our “systems” work and ways we can begin to change things. I have great faith in our world, and in those of us who inhabit Mother Earth. Knowledge is power, and you can change things, and you can make a difference one person at a time.

Both of these video’s look at the “Big Picture”, how things came to be the way they are, and how we can begin to make changes.

I think you will enjoy them.

The Story of Stuff

The Story of Bottled Water

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