My Affirmation Prayer

This prayer came to me one evening during my meditation. With my new website, is a new version (Sept 2009).  Only slightly edited from its original version.   It is one that I read daily and feel that I need to share with everyone.

I have printed it out, framed it, and given it to some of my friends, family and clients as gifts. I have had some very good feedback from them that it helps, especially during tough times. I have found that it is most beneficial if you repeat it once in the morning upon waking and once at the end of the day just before bedtime. (And, of course, as many times throughout the day as you like).

My prayer for the day, Every day  –  Tamara Hawk

I am healthy;

I am happy ;

I am full of energy and light;

I am completely safe and protected;

I am clear and positive;

I am safe, physically and spiritually;

My path is clear and my actions consistently bring me closer to my goals;

I give and receive love with an open and pure heart;

I am worthy of being loved;

I have all the money and abundance I need, I am wealthy;

I love my body and my actions reflect my respect for my human form;

Money comes to me easily;

I lovingly let go of all the events of the past that do not serve me in my path to enlightenment;

I, consistently, every day, try to make the world a better place;

I have respect for mother earth;

I nurture the child within me;

I look for opportunities to find the good in others and let them know I appreciate them;

I do all this with the help of God and the universal consciousness available to us all


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