Welcome to the numerology page of my website.

I started dabbling in numerology about 17 years ago and found it utterly fascinating. Since then I have been doing reports for people and expanding my awareness of the power of the numbers in our lives.

I provide these numerology reports because I enjoy them and believe they can provide some guidance about some of the influences in your life. I did my own and it really does reflect who I am and what is influencing me at any given time. Even looking back at the influences that were in my life from childhood up to this time are incredibly accurate.

These reports are completely separate from my psychic readings. I do not use numerology in my psychic, in person, sessions.

There are many different types of reports that I offer. The Relationship Compatibility Report is a super report. It amazes me how much our relationships can be impacted just by understanding how we communicate with others and how they communicate with us. If you are having problems with any of your relationships, marriage, children, or work/family, this is a phenomenal report to have done. I have used it myself on numerous occasions, and just by understanding how our communication styles differ and what each of us is ‘going through’ at any given time, we can improve our relationships ten-fold.

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Sample Numerology Report (for Oprah Winfrey)

This is what the numerology reports that I do look like. If you order a report it will look like this, except with your own specific information on it. The formatting on the actual reports is a bit different, but the content is generally content like this.

Personality Profiles & Future Forecasts (for Oprah)

Lucky Numbers (for Oprah)

The Diamond (for Oprah)

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