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I have 6 reports or packages for you to choose from and three payment options available:

Option 1:  You may order reports online using PayPal (a secure payment site). With PayPal you do not need to have a credit card, you can use a bank card, bank account or credit card. Then send an email to me via the contact page with “Numerology Report” in the subject line with the information below. Once your payment and information have been received I will email you your report(s).

– OR –

Option 2:  You may use “snail mail” and provide your information below with cheque enclosed. Once your payment and information have been received, I will print and mail you your report(s. Information and cheques can be mailed to:

Attn: Tamara Hawk, 400-86014 Vedder Road, Chilliwack, BC, V2R 5P5, Canada.

To receive your report(s) quicker, please include your email address along with your information and I will email you your report instead.

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Option 3:  Interac e-transfer.  You may e-transfer your payment to me.  When you include the information below in your email, you can also advise me of the password you have used.

Information To Include In Your Numerology Reports Order

When requesting a report(s) whether by post or PayPal the following information will need to be enclosed. For those wishing quicker access to their reports, please provide your email address along with your information and payment. Once received I will email you your completed report(s).

Your Full Name at Birth (First, Middle Last)

The First and Last Name you use now

Your Birth Date (exact time of birth NOT required)

For the Relationship Compatibility Report, I will need the same information for the other person.

Your privacy matters! Information collected on this site is for the sole purpose stated. Please see the full Privacy Statement here.


Numerology Report Types

Below are the many different reports or packages for you to choose from!

Personal Profile Report with future forecasts (future forecasts include monthly and daily forecasts for the next 6 months and yearly forecasts for the current and following 2 years). The average length of this report is 50 + pages. Price $19.99 CDN



Relationship Compatibility Report for use with business, personal or any relationship that you would like guidance with. This is a super report. It amazes me how much our relationships can be impacted just by understanding how we communicate with others and how they communicate with us. If you are having problems with any of your relationships, marriage, children, or work/family, this is a phenomenal report to have done. I have used it myself on numerous occasions, and just by understanding how our communication styles differ and what each of us is ‘going through’ at any given time, we can improve our relationships ten-fold. Price $24.99 CDN



Lucky Numbers Report for your yearly, monthly and daily lucky numbers. This report includes yearly lucky numbers for current year, plus 1 year. Lucky monthly numbers for the following 6 months, and lucky daily numbers for the next 2 months. Price $9.99 CDN.



Package Deal: 3 reports for $34.99 CDN. Includes the Personal Profile with Future Forecast, Lucky Numbers and The Diamond reports.



Name Advisor Report compare the influences of names in your life. Whether you’re getting married, going through a name change, naming a child, branding a new business, or wondering about shedding your nicknames. Compare up to 8 names $24.99 CDN



The Diamond Report The I Ching of Numerology” this unique report and complex tool looks at the interaction between the Spiritual and Physical body. Price $9.99 CDN.


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