Order Numerology Reports

I have a few reports for you to chose from. You can order these on-line using Pay Pal (a secure site), and I will e-mail you your report. With Paypal you can use a credit card, bank card, or bank account, you do not need to have a credit card.

Or, if you like, you can use snail-mail and I will print and mail your report to you once I receive your information and payment (via cheque); if you include your e-mail address when you mail your cheque, I will e-mail your report to you. Please see contact info for the address.

When requesting a report via e-mail/Paypal, using PayPal’s secure internet site, you will need to e-mail me the following information at tamaraha@telus.net (if using regular post, I also need this information enclosed):

  1. Your full name at birth (first, middle last)
  2. The first and last name you use now
  3. Your birth date (exact time of birth NOT required)
  4. For the compatibility report, I will need the same information for the other person

Once I receive your e-mail and confirmation from PayPal, I will do up your report and send it to you.

Read my Privacy Statement Here

I have the following reports available:

Personal Profile with future forecasts (future forecasts include monthly and daily forecasts for the next 6 months and yearly forecasts for the current and following two years). The average length of this report is 50 + pages. Price $14.99 CDN



Relationship Compatibility Report – for use with business, personal or any relationship that you would like guidance with. Price $14.99 CDN



Name advisor report – compare the influences of name changes in your life. Compare up to 8 names $9.99 CDN



Lucky Numbers – Yearly, Monthly and daily lucky numbers. Report includes yearly lucky numbers for current year, plus one year, lucky monthly numbers for following 6 months and lucky daily numbers for the next two months. Price $7.99 CDN.



The Diamond – this unique report looks at the interaction between the Spiritual and Physical body. “The I Ching of Numerology”. Price $4.99 CDN.


Receive all three of the Personal Profile with Future Forecasts, Lucky Numbers and The Diamond reports for $22.99 CDN.

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