Psychic and Other Links

Psychic & Other Links

These are my favourite links right now. I find that I am adding more links all the time so check back often to see what I have discovered that I find worth sharing with you. and
Two friends and students of mine who launched Blogs that focus on sharing their journey into psychic development

Norma Cowie’s Metaphysical World

If you are looking for a Tarot Card reader you must check out this site. Norma has been working in the lower mainland for as long as I can remember and she is definitely an expert in the field.

Personal Growth from is the most complete guide to information about Personal Growth on the Internet.

Another great site. Loaded with all kinds of Holistic & Spiritual stuff. And they have Expo’s all over Canada, including Vancouver. * this has changed for 2005. They are only having Alberta Expo’s this year as they are re-looking at their setup.

Kofutu Personal Growth, Meditation and Spiritual Healing

Access deeper levels of spiritual understanding through the use of Kofutu symbols. Kofutu symbols allow individuals to access their inner resources in order to accelerate growth, discovery and healing.

The Guided Meditation SiteYou don’t need to practise any special techniques, you don’t need to sit in a special position, and you don’t need to go to any classes. All you need is a place to sit quietly, while you close your eyes and listen…

At Amulets, Talismans & Lucky Charms/ you’ll find powerful amulets, talismans, lucky charms and other energised astrological products.

Paranormal and UFO Directory – is the largest paranormal and UFO directory. It has some very unique stuff on it.

As of December 2004 I have seen this movie twice. It is great! I came away from it thinking that it is the type of stuff that should be taught in every school from a young age. It brings metaphysical together with quantum physics – in my opinion it is the ‘must see’ movie of the century.

UPDATE: This movie is available for rental in video stores March 2005.

Accurate, Online Psychic Readings This site provides spiritual guidance for inspired living. A unique personal empowerment, spiritual approach to intuitive readings, as well as a vast array of other resources for the inspired seeker. Access your Spiritual Guidance and turn negative karma into spiritual gold!

Spirit Find

Medium Find

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