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This page is brand new, December 21, 2005. I will be adding things to this page as they present to me. I hope you enjoy………

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Articles I have written:

I have some new articles I have written lately. I am now writing for with a friend of mine.

Why Women Gain Weight After they Get Married

This article is a beginning. It addresses the emotional and logical reasons for weight gain. There is another aspect to it though. Energy.

The World Needs Our Love

Many people on our planet are in a panic at the moment. With all that is going on with the economy, both with the USA and globally, and the change in the climate, and wars, people are feeling the strain of the material world.

Two Articles, January 2009

Is 2012 Really the End of the World?

Is it Necessary to Polarize?

Let it Go…Meditation for Cutting Energy Cords

Meditation can help you to rid yourself of unwanted psychic energy. Even if you don’t normally meditate, you can follow this simple meditation. Anyone can do this. Get distance from the past, increase your energy and improve your life.

Meditation for Centering, Grounding and Protecting Your Energy

Another good meditation for the novice. This meditation acts like visualization to help you to ground yourself. If you are feeling flighty this will help. It will also help to keep the Energy Cords mentioned in the previous mediation from connecting to you in the first place.

Choosing a Psychic

If you are thinking of consulting a psychic, this article will help you separate the real from the fake psychics. Arm yourself with knowledge, read this before you decide who to trust.

Moving into Your Future

An article about trusting your life path and process. Helping you to be successful with your Lightwork and Life Path

Articles where I have had input:

Dec 18/06. I have been asked for my input again for the Westender Predictions. This year, they requested that I explain how I “guarantee” my predictions for my clients. I sent them a rather long e-mail explaining how the future works. See what I sent them here “Future”. I think they need to keep it to a few lines, so it will be interesting what it looks like when the publication comes out.

Ok, here’s the Westender with predictions for January 2007.

“Take a Walk on the Psychic Side” – Langara College Newspaper

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Articles written by others that I think are worth sharing:

I came across this channeled article by Channel Celia Fenn on her StarChildGlobal website and thought that my website visitors could benefit from reading it. I asked Celia if I could put it on my site in order to share it with more people in the world and she said yes. I really appreciate her willingness to share her information. So for your enjoyment and growth, here it is…….ASCENSION SHOCK AND THE DEEP HEALING OF THE HUMAN HEART

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

(added September 4, 2006)

New Earth Rising: Cosmogenesis and the Lion’s Gate of 2007 -The Energies for July 2007

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

(added July 1, 2007)

Meditative Guidance by Spirit – Guidance for Universal Passing Over 2006 May 31/06

Animal Totems

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