Mini e-Mail Psychic Readings

I offer mini e-mail Psychic Readings for an overview of one question, issue or situation.  When requesting a one question psychic reading, keep in mind that it is meant to be just an overview of one issue.

Examples of One Question Psychic Readings:

  • If you are wondering what is going on with your job or career, or if now would be a good time for a change.
  • Relationship issues.  You will need to tell me if you are in a relationship or if you are looking for a relationship.
  • Financial issues.
  • Issues around your home or moving.

Note:  I am a Psychic, Medium and clairvoyant.  I am NOT a Mind Reader.  I don’t need to hear your whole life story in order to do a reading for you.  However, there is absolutely no point in trying to “test the psychic”, I guarantee it would be a waste of your money.  When I connect with your guides, the point is to give you information that may help you.

As an example:  if you are getting married in a month, there would be no point at all to asking me “do you see something important coming up for me?” and expecting me to say “you are getting married”.

Your guides know that you know you are engaged ~ you do not need me or them to tell you that.  They may or may not even mention it to me depending on whether they think it is important.  Why ask?

In order to get the most out of any type of reading with me, please read, Psychic FAQ’s here.

If you would like to book a reading for a Medium Reading, please go to the Psychic Medium Readings page of my website.

If you would like an overview of your life in general it would probably be best to book a  Phone Psychic Reading with me.

If after reading this, you decide to request a mini psychic reading via email, you may pay here.


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