Psychic Readings FAQs

If you are considering having a psychic or mediumship reading with me, please take a look at the FAQ’s below.  They will help you to decide if I am the right person to help you on your path.

Realizing Your Potential

I believe we are co-creators of our own reality.  I am NOT a fortune teller.  Your life is full of possibilities and potentials.  My job is to help you realize your potential, not to live your life for you.  Please consider contacting someone else if you are looking for a fortune teller.

Connecting with Source Energy

I do my psychic readings by connecting with Source Energy and a group of light beings that collectively call themselves SAM.  Source Energy (Sam) can come through your teachers or guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, souls around you that you know from this lifetime, or souls around you that you haven’t met this time around. Spirit is energy. Sometimes I am even connecting with what is called your own “Higher Self”, or your own Spirit on a different level.

Readings with these light beings are not meant to scare you about your future, they are meant to help and empower you.  They will not tell you of a problem, without guiding you to a solution.  It is all about helping you to create the life you want to live.

Psychic Readings Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do psychic readings show me my “fate”?

No. YOUR life is YOURS. I have no desire to have power and control over you or your life. Nothing is “set in stone”. Only you have the power to change it or control outcomes.

2.  Do you ask for guidance when doing readings for others?

When I do your reading I ask Spirit what it is you need to know to help you on your path.

3.  How do I know you are not looking for clues to answers my questions?

I am not a mind reader. I do not read faces. I do not look at you for clues as to what might be going on with you. (This is one reason why there is no difference between an in-person or a phone or email reading – it is all about energy; tuning into your energy and Source Energy. Not mind-reading or face reading hacks).

4.   Why do you charge to do readings?

I do readings because I can. I have been gifted with the ability to connect with the other side. I charge for readings, because it allows you to hold your intentions, and gives you the power to fully commit to the process. I also need to eat and pay bills just like the rest of the folks in this world 🙂

5.  What is the accuracy of the psychic information you provide?

I am very accurate, but no Psychic is 100%. If a Psychic tells you they are 100% accurate all the time, they are lying.

6.  Will you help make tough life decisions for me?  

A good Psychic Medium will not make decisions for you, however, they can help you to make your decisions.

7.  What kind of psychic information can I expect you to provide me?

I will not tell you what you want to hear – I will tell you what I see, hear or feel, and what energetic influences are around you.

8.  How many sessions do I need to pay for to have a curse removed?  

If a Psychic mentions curses, or tells you that you must come back regularly, or asks for more money, run the other way. (I have clients that I read for regularly, but it is their choice. Not something I have told them they must do).

9.  How can I prepare for a reading with you?

If you want, you can have a list of questions ready or at least an idea of specific issues or areas that you want covered.  Often I mention things before you ask them, but if you have your list you will leave the reading with a feeling that it is complete.

10.  Am I allowed to talk or ask questions during a reading?

If there is something you don’t understand, ask for clarification and/or ask specific questions about what is being said, misunderstandings can happen in readings. Something may mean one thing to you and another to me.  My interpretation of something may be very different than yours.

11.  Can you predict future events for me?

I can tell you about future influences.  I am often very accurate about the future, but you usually have some control over your own life. When I do see something in the future, it is based on people and events continuing on as they are now. Things change, if I tell you I see a certain thing that is based in the future, you have the power to change it by your own choices and actions.  (explained in the video on this page).

12.  Does it matter what type of questions I bring to a reading?

The importance is how you phrase your questions – it makes a difference. The answer I get is based on the exact phrasing of your question.

13.  How can I remember all the information you provide in a reading?

I provide MP3s of my in-person and phone readings.  Sometimes when I see something in the future, it can be distant, I like you to have the recording to refer back to days, months or years later. Also, sometimes something that does not make sense to you at the time, may make sense later if you listen to the audio.

14.  How can I get the most out of my reading with you?

A reading involves energy. Be energetically open to the process, and do not try and “test” the Psychic – it blocks the flow of the energy. It makes it harder for me to tune into you, and you won’t get as much out of your reading.

15.  What is your intention with doing readings? And, how do you begin them?

When I do my readings I meditate first and I ask that things come through for “Your Highest and Best Good”. Sometimes we are meant to know things and sometimes we are not. My intention for you in the reading is that the information you get does you some good in your life and aids you on your path.

16.  I am worried my questions, personal issues and desires will be judged or criticized. 

I am here to provide guidance, not to judge you or your path. I have seen many things over the years, and it is not my place to judge you.

17.  Can you guarantee the psychic information that comes up in your readings?  

The Editor of the Westender here in Vancouver asked how I “guarantee” my predictions of the future for my clients. Here is an email I sent her about how I “see”.

If this is the guidance you have been looking for you may request a reading on the Psychic Readings & Rates page.

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