Can you surrender?  What does surrender even really mean?  Spiritually speaking, surrender is simply letting go.  There are a lot of things (or people) that we really don’t have any control over, so surrendering is what can help keep us sane.

The planetary alignments of the past few days, (and of today) are perfect to help with this.  The energies have been a little bit intense, and trying to control everything is making a lot of you feel badly.  To surrender doesn’t mean to give up ~ it more means to give up your need to control.  To let go and let your higher self take over for a little bit.

When you do let go of the need to control you open yourself up to receive more guidance.  When you turn off your ego and mind, and just simply surrender, your intuition can take over and you will be able to receive divine guidance.

Yesterday I wrote about the need to do now that you have learned.  We are learning so much, and heading in so many new directions it can get very overwhelming trying to decide on what to do next.  We fill up our plates with so much learning and seeking that we don’t actually do anything.


How Doing and Surrender can happen at the same time

When you keep seeking and learning and it gets to be that overwhelming for you, you end up running around trying to do tiny pieces of what you’ve learned, you write lists of things you need to do, you get overwhelmed and you do nothing.  Your anxiety levels go up because you keep adding things that you need to get done to your list.

When you surrender, you actually open yourself up to more divine guidance and you intuitively know what to do next.  Everyone has this ability.  Its just not everyone that is willing to surrender to their higher selves and take that inspired action.

This is how it works even when I write these blog posts.  I am learning a lot of ‘techie’ stuff, and trying to implement some things a bit at a time as I go along.  The more I learn the more I realize I have a lot to learn.  This is what I touched on yesterday.

Now for the surrender part.  On any given day most of you have a whole bunch of things on your list of things to do.  You try and plan and control and figure out everything and how you will get it all done.  Some of you will run around doing things, some of you will get so overwhelmed that you just sit and have a glass of wine, some of you will just keep doing a bunch of stuff for the sake of doing something because you know you should be.  You get so wrapped up in your day and you cannot turn off your mind.

Imagine if you could just let your soul take over for a day?  If you just set your intention to feel good, have a good day, and surrender to whatever pops in for you from your intuition.  This is precisely what I did today.  I feel like I have so much to do today, I wasn’t sure where to start.  My logical mind was thinking “you have to email a bunch of clients, you have to get at least one email reading done, you need to exercise, shower, then get out and do those errands.  You also need to set up that techie thing for yourself, pay some bills, and write a blog post”.

Yes, I felt very overwhelmed and had no idea where to start!  Especially after staying up late last night, not writing my blog post until almost midnight and then sleeping in until 9:30.  I almost never sleep in and boy did I ever feel like I was ‘behind’ because I’d already ‘lost’ 3 hours of my day!

What did I do with this energy?  I surrendered.  Before I got to that place of surrender, I wasn’t even sure if I would get this post done before late-night again.  Before I surrendered I hadn’t sent any emails because there were so many to send I didn’t know who to start with.

The minute I ‘let go’ of what I ‘had’ to do and the need to ‘do something’ my higher self was able to take over and inspire me.  I got out of my ego mind saying what I had to do and my next step just presented to me.

So here it is just lunchtime and my blog post is getting done.  I have sent a few emails that I was inspired to send (the rest can wait a wee bit).  I’ve done a little bit of exercise, not a lot, haven’t had time yet, but I wanted to get some in, so I did.

When you surrender, it doesn’t mean you give up.  It means you ground your energy, quiet your mind, and listen.  Listen to your heart and your intuition and allow things to flow for you.  Sometimes when you surrender your higher self will tell you to simply rest.  This is what happened for me yesterday.  A couple of days ago I was starting to feel really tired, like I had been doing too many readings, and that I needed a clearing and some rest.  So that’s what I did yesterday.  I had a nap in the middle of the day.  I’m sure that’s one of the reasons my blog post didn’t get done until midnight.  But the point is, I listened to the divine guidance I was getting so I rested and I did some, no, a whole bunch, of energy clearing.

Where in your life do you need to surrender and go with the flow?

Give it a try, I would love to hear how it went for you.



Fastest Stress-Buster Ever

This stress relief tool is the fastest and easiest way to relieve stress, anxiety, anger, depression, fear and resentment.  It doesn’t stop there, any emotion that you are having that is causing you discomfort can be relieved almost instantly, just by doing one thing.

Go to your Heart (Chakra)

Yes, that is it.  Go to your heart.  Almost any emotion that we as humans have is created in and by our minds.  The trick is to get out of our minds and release our thoughts.  If you can do that you can have relief.

Meditation will do this for you.  So many of you never bother to even try to meditate more than once though.  You may try it, find yourself thinking, and then say “I can’t meditate, I tried it (once)”.  If you want to learn how to mediate and clear energies and get out of your head so much, you could read my book, The Secret of Simple Meditation;


You could just go to your heart.

Guaranteed to Work Instantly

Guaranteed to Work Instantly

4 Steps to go to your heart and rid yourself of stress instantly

1.  Close your eyes for a moment (you don’t have to, but it helps remove distractions).

2.  Take at least one super deep breath; a few is better, but one is enough if you are in a hurry.  Think about it though, its a requirement that you breathe, doing it deeply for a bit certainly won’t hurt.  I can’t see it making you late for your next appointment.

3.  Bring your attention to your chest area.  In particular, your sternum.

4.  Say to yourself “Love”.

You are done.  You are “In your heart”.  How long you chose to stay there is up to you.  The longer you stay there, the calmer and better you will feel.  However, I guarantee, that as long as you are there, you will not be stressed, depressed, or feeling any other discomfort.

If you have any discomfort or stress, you have left your heart, and gone into your head.

This may seem so simple, but that is because it is.  If you could do this every time you felt uncomfortable over the next 3 weeks, it would become a habit.  Once it was a habit, you would be ‘in your heart’ a lot of the time.

We are humans and very few of us are there all the time, but with practice you can get to the point where you feel good most of the time.  And if you don’t feel good you will know why, and you will make it a priority to go back to your heart.

So easy, imagine if we all did this?  What our world would be like!  Just wow.

It can start with you!


All You Ever Have is Now

We’ve all heard it … “Live in the Now”.  Why though?  Why is it important for us to live right where we are?  Live in the now

Some people simply live in the past.

Everything they do is based on what happened before.  From your present state of awareness, you cannot change what happened before, you cannot re-live what you lived before.  What once was, will never be again, not in the exact same way you remember it at least.  Even if all the external factors and people were exactly the same, you are different than you were before.  Your perspectives are different, you have more and different knowledge.  The past will not EVER come back the way you remember it; EVER (good or bad).  You may be able to create something similar, but it won’t be the same, so there is no sense in living “back there”.  You need to live in the now and feel good now; then you can create in your NOW.  You may create similar good (or bad) feelings as before, but things won’t be exactly the same…so think about being okay now.

Live in the Moment

As for the future, you are creating it as you go along.  There are so many variables, so many things that could happen.  Most of what you experience is based on your perception of it anyway, so there is no sense in looking forward and projecting onto your future in any way except to dream of positive things.  Even if you are dreaming of a positive future though, you still need to LIVE now.  Otherwise you aren’t really living at all.

Why worry about what the future may hold?

You may be rich, you may be poor, you may be in a relationship or single, but it will not make one bit of difference.  If you do not have the ability to live in your “NOW moment”, you won’t enjoy it later anyway.  If you are rich later, you will worry about what the future will hold, and you will not enjoy your riches.  If you are alone later, you will just live in the past thinking about when you had someone.  There will be no more enjoyment in your “future” than there is in your “Now” because at some point your FUTURE will BE your NOW, and if you have not yet learned to enjoy your now, you will not ever enjoy any future you may have.

No matter where you are on your timeline or on your way to your goals IT IS ALWAYS NOW.


Conciously Create Through Awareness

You are the Creator of your life experiences.  Create Consciously.

You are the Creator of your life experiences. Create Consciously.

Look within to create the life you want.

The Law of Attraction is real.  It isn’t often taught in the right way, but it does exist.  Thoughts are things, they are energy, energy creates.  What we think about is what we attract and create.  What we focus on we create.  We ARE creators, we are creating our lives every minute of every day.  No exceptions.

The big difference between those of you who get what you want, and those of you that don’t, is all in how conscious you are of your creations.  You can choose to create consciously, or unconsciously.  And YES, it is a choice.

It is actually very simple, but most of you cannot be bothered to consciously create.  You think it is easier to blame fate, or the economy, or any person or circumstance other than yourself.   I am NOT suggesting you blame yourself.  I am suggesting you take responsibility for what you have created thus far.  The minute you take responsibility for your creations is the minute you take back your power.

By blaming you are essentially saying to yourself “I cannot create my life, everything that has happened or is happening, is the result of something outside of me”.

Did you know that over 90% of the thoughts you will have today are the same thoughts you had yesterday, and the same thoughts you will have tomorrow?   That is a LOT of thoughts, and a lot of creation.  The problem occurs when you are thinking these thoughts and going through your day on auto-pilot.  You may wake up to your alarm and think “I don’t feel like getting out of bed, I’m so tired, I wish I could go back to sleep”.  That is a thought that is beginning to create your day for you.

You may start getting ready to go to work and think “I hate my job, my boss is such an ass.  These customers all think that the whole world revolves around them and they can be so unkind”.  More creation on your part.

You are driving along, and traffic is bad, or you see someone speeding or cutting someone off (or you are the one speeding through traffic and are thinking about how slow everyone else is), as you are having those thoughts, you are creating.  Creating more of the same traffic woes.

You get off work, think of the day you had and wonder “Will I ever get rid of this debt that I am working to pay off?  I work and work and still have debt, this is BS, I want to be debt free”.  You think you are focusing on being debt free, but really, you are still focusing on your debt, and, you guessed it, CREATING MORE DEBT!

If you want your life to be different, you have to do something different.  In order to do something different, you have to start thinking something different.


Is to start being aware!!!  Get yourself off of Auto Pilot!!
As long as you keep allowing your brain to rehash the same thoughts, to allow your subconscious mind to create for you, your life will just stay the same.  I guarantee it.

You must live in your present moment.  You must become aware of your thoughts.  When you find yourself on auto-pilot, bring your energy back into your body and your present moment.  Remind yourself that you are creating your life with your thoughts.

The first day you try this, you will probably do it for a couple of minutes, then wind up back on auto-pilot.  Then a few hours later, you might remember that you were supposed to be aware and you might be able to live in your moment for a few more minutes.

Here is the good news.  If you can manage to do this even for a part of your day, or for a few minutes a few times a day, you will find that it will get easier as time goes on.  Just as most of the thoughts you have today, you will have tomorrow, as you practice awareness today it will be easier to do tomorrow.  If you are diligent with it, you will find that within a month, you will be much more aware of most of your thoughts.

Then as things happen in your life, you will be able to see exactly how they were created.  How YOU created them.  Take credit for the good you start to see in your life.  As you become more aware, you will find that synchronicities and coincidences happen more and more.  You will find yourself saying “I was just thinking of that, and there it is!”  Good, bad or indifferent, you will see how your present moment was created with a thought.  Thoughts are things, they are energy, energy creates.

My Kid Doesn’t Listen To Me

I just wanted to write a post about new teenagers because they are very misunderstood by parents sometimes. I hear a lot of parents complaining about their kids’ ‘attitude’. The attitude can be from hormones or things going on that your kid doesn’t want to share with you, or lack of sleep (this is VERY common in kids these days).

However, it is imperative that you keep in mind they are your child and they still need you. They still need your love, acceptance and approval. As kids get older, of course they start to want to make some more of their own decisions, they will test boundaries and want to spend much more time with friends than with family.

Your kids will make mistakes, some big ones some little ones. It is all part of growing. Often at this age they make a LOT of mistakes. They have so many new things, and feelings, and friends, and experiences to learn about. Their brains are still growing and they are experimenting with so many things.

It is really easy to get caught in the role of “corrector”. Constantly observing what your child is doing wrong and pointing out what is right, or what they ‘should’ be doing. All kids are different and have different interests and different things that inspire them. One thing that inspires EVERY child though, is love and approval. Even if they do something inappropriate, you can call out the behavior, but you do not need to label your kid. Chances are, your kid is not a bad kid, they have just been exploring and have made a choice that wasn’t the best one.

It is okay to guide, correct, teach, and instill a knowledge of consequences with kids. It is important that you also let your kid know that you are proud of them. Nothing lights up my son’s face more than when I tell him I am proud of him, whether it is for something specific or just a general statement. There are so many things to be done, so many things to learn, so many stressors in a kids life, they just need to know that they are loved and appreciated for their part in your life.

Nothing wrong with giving your kid chores to do, but do you thank them after it is done? Do you ever tell them they did a good job and that you appreciate their contribution to the family/home? I hear from people all the time how they feel so unappreciated (by their spouse, kids, boss…), yet these same people often do not dish out the appreciation either. You DO get what you give. Catch your kid doing something wonderful and THANK THEM!!!

I see way too many parents that complain that their son/daughter is getting distant, but yet they do not realize that they are also creating distance with their kids.

Your kid wants to spend hours and hours with their friends, or sometimes even 36 hours or a weekend straight ~ away from you. YOUR KID STILL NEEDS YOU. Just because your kid is stretching their wings, does not mean that you don’t need to be there for them. Even if they ditch you for their friends they still want and need you to be available for them if something happens. This can feel like being ‘used’ by some parents, but your child is not ‘using’ you, your child is still a child and NEEDS you to be there.

I have many adult clients that still seek the approval of their parents after they have their own grown up family. Imagine how much your child needs your approval NOW.

Some of you may pick your child up from school (or wait until after school or work), and start talking to your child. Sometimes you talk about all the things your kid has to do (as far as chores or homework), sometimes you feel overwhelmed, and you share all YOU have to do with your child.

Do you ask your kid how his/her day was? If so, do you actually LISTEN to the answer with 100% of your attention? Or do you just ask and then go about doing something else? There is nothing that can disempower or hurt a kid more, than to think that a parent doesn’t really care what’s going on in their life. Parents complain that their kids don’t tell them anything, but often when parents do not sit and really LISTEN, with undivided attention kids stop talking.

Do you complain that your kid doesn’t listen to you? Kids learn by example. What you DO, not what you SAY. If they see you looking at your phone after you have asked them a question, why wouldn’t they look at their phone when you are talking to them? Because of how their brains are wired at this age, it is hard enough for them to listen to you and focus on what you are saying (this is a normal part of brain functioning). Try and teach them to focus by being fully present, and be cognizant of what you are doing yourself.

Please be AWARE of what your kid is trying to tell you. Either by what they say, what they do, or what they DON’T say or do. There will always be SOME distance between parents and teens as teens learn to be away from the parents, but the separation does NOT need to turn into a chasm. YOU are the ADULT. Start acting like it, and pay attention, and be there for your kid(s). Too many parents say “what about me?” Yes, you need to take care of yourself, but you took on the responsibility of being a parent, and your kids come first.

Do you trust your path?

I went for a walk at the river today to clear my head and my energy. The path at the river is wide, reasonably flat and has no obstructions and is a wonderful place to spend some time.

Things are changing. A lot of us can feel it. We don’t know exactly what the changes will be, part of that will have to do with the energy of the collective on our planet, but change is here for sure.

As I was walking, I realized how much the path at the river was like the path of our lives. All we have to do is keep putting one foot in front of the other, and we will get where we are going.
Not that I was walking TO something at all. I was just walking. Enjoying the sounds, the sights, the smells, saying good morning to others’ on the trail. Smiling at the adults, the kids, the dogs. The purpose of my walk was to BE ON THE PATH. Not to do anything in particular or to get somewhere in particular. I needed to focus on being in my moment. I picked up a mantra that all was well, I walk forward freely through my life. Change is good. I don’t need to know specifically what the change is. It will be good and work out in the end, no matter what it is.

This started me thinking about trust. Trusting our path, trusting that we are right where we need to be. I decided to try an experiment. I put myself smack dab in the middle of the path and closed my eyes. I kept walking. I only made it about 6 steps and got nervous and opened my eyes again. I kept doing this over and over again. The farthest I got with my eyes closed was 50 steps. It was really hard to trust my path for that long without wanting to stop, or look around, or open my eyes. It was an exercise in trust though so I did it over and over again.

On average, I only made it about 12-18 steps without opening my eyes, if even for a second. Two times I inadvertently went off into the bushes on my left. At that point of going into the bushes, I felt something that I did not want, the ground was softer, branches touched my legs. I simply opened my eyes for a few moments, got myself back on my path, closed my eyes again and continued on my path. I did this over and over for about 2 km of my 6 km walk. Closing my eyes, trusting the path, and every now and then, pausing for just a millisecond to open my eyes and make sure I was still where I needed to be.

When I heard someone coming, either in front of me, or behind, I would open my eyes long enough that my path did not run me straight into someone else’s path, and then my eyes would close again. My lesson in trusting my path. At one point, a fellow walking faster than me came up from behind. He was walking to the left of the path and I was on the right. I thought to myself, if I close my eyes and kind of follow him, I will hear his footsteps and I will know where I am on my path, because I can follow his sound. He will be up and to my left.

I didn’t close my eyes at that point, not because I did not trust my path, but because I did not know for sure what his was. Within 10 seconds of him passing me, he actually moved over to the path in front of me. If I had closed my eyes and followed his path by sound (thinking he would stay on my left and just in front of me), I likely would have walked right into the river.
You see, he was on his path, and I was on mine. If I had tried to follow him, it would have put me right off of my path.

Life is like this. Our path’s are like this. Your path is your path. You need to trust it. You don’t always need to see it. Sometimes you can just close your eyes and know that you are on it. If you need some assurance you are still on your correct path, just open your eyes for a moment, take a quick look around. You will see that yes, you are still on your path, you can redirect a little or a lot, but then you need to carry on and trust that you are right where you need to be.

September 28, 2013

Things continue to shift and change. There are a lot of us who feel as if we are in an in-between place. Intuitively we know that things are changing, but this time trying to see specifically what they are changing into is tricky. Some of you are confused as to what it is you really want in your life. You know you cannot stay the same, but your path doesn’t seem so clear anymore. You are not alone.

There are so many things going on with the collective consciousness: the old systems are in the process of falling, but it is taking a long time. Every week there are “prophecies” or “people from NASA”, or other supposed “Experts”, that are telling us the world is coming to an end. Starting with Armageddon last December, to Solar flares in August, to bombing Syria in September, all these things are “Possibilities”, none of them have happened. If you want proof that the world is ending, you can find it online anywhere.

If you want proof that we are ascending to a higher consciousness you can find that everywhere too.

Which is true? They both are. YOU create your reality. What you focus on expands. If you chose to focus on all the “bad” in the world, you will get more bad in your personal world. If you choose to focus on all the “good” in your world, you will get more good in your world.

The more of us that focus on the Love and Light and positive aspects of our planet, the more positive things will be able to happen.

We can use our vibration to help the planet. Keep your vibration as high as you can. If thinking about the changes you are going through stresses you out, then STOP thinking about them. No amount of thinking, analyzing, or worrying will make the changes easier. I know this first hand. I am a seeker and a quester, I want to know everything I can about everything I see. I love research and I like to know what is going on with the world and the collective. I have been this way my whole life. Numerologically I am a 7 life path, its in my energy to want to know things.

You do have control over some of your circumstances, and you have 100% control over how you react to your circumstances. What you need to know is this:

  • The world is changing
  • You may feel lost because you know your life/world is changing (could be with family, work, finances, or some other subject, but you feel change)
  • You likely feel as if you do not have a lot of control over things right now
  • Everything will work out okay in the end

What to do:

  • Keep your vibration as high as possible
  • Sometimes when you do not know what to do next, the best thing to do is nothing. Live in the moment and allow yourself to feel gratitude for what you have, to feel love for those around you, anything to help you feel the best you can in any given moment.
  • A lot of us in the world (and in other dimensions), are focusing on love and peace and it IS having an impact. Do not let anyone tell you that you and your energy does not matter, it DOES, more than you know, so focus on your heart.

We are on earth at a momentous time of change. Change usually does bring discomfort, however, change is good. We cannot continue on as we have, and most of us are not. The easiest way to get through change is to accept it, feel as good as you can, and carry on.

You Feeling Badly Doesn’t Help Anyone

Feeling crappy doesn’t help anyone

If you can help, then help.  If you cannot help, then at least work on raising your vibration and feeling better. We are all one.  If you feel bad, it DOES impact the entire planet on some level.  You need to be as happy, positive and grateful as you can in any given moment. Your sadness will not aid the planet.  You being poor will not feed the hungry.  What you have does not DETRACT from anything anyone else has.  You having MORE and being happier actually helps. You being healthy does not make someone else sick.  You being well fed does not take food out of someone else’s mouth.  You being happy does not make another sad.  You being stuck and disempowering yourself will not help others to rise up.

No one else can take your power.  Only you can give it away.  You may say “yes, but the government, or my husband, or my parents, the banking system…..”  the list goes on and on for who you can blame.  I stand by the statement that only YOU can GIVE your power.  NO ONE can take it.  Ever heard the phrase “You reap what you sow”?  What you think is what you feel, what you feel is what you vibrate.  If you are constantly blaming and disempowering yourself, then you are indeed reaping what you have sown.  The really good news is that you can change it.  You can change your thoughts.  I understand how hard it can seem to shut down your mind ~ so many things to do…  however, all it takes is a few minutes.  Just sit, just BE.  Take some really big (and I mean BIG) deep breaths and focus on your body and your breathing, think only of them.  You cannot have more than one thought in any millisecond.  If you are focused on your breathing and/or your body, you cannot possibly be focused on something else.  If you find your mind wandering, that’s okay, just bring it back.

In order to get more of what you want, you need to feel good.  Did I say that already?  I will say it again and again and again because it is the truth.  We all know those people who say “Oh, bad stuff always happens to me”, or we stub our toe in the morning and say “It’s going to be one of those days”, and then we spill our coffee, are late for work etc.  YOU are creating that.  What if when you stubbed your toe, you allowed the experience to bring you back into your body, your awareness.  What were you thinking about at the time?  Your higher self is trying to tell you something.  Don’t let it snowball into a bad day.  Become aware of whatever you were thinking and change your thoughts, your feelings, the energy behind it.  There are so many opportunities that show up for us to remind us to be present, be aware.  We’ve been rather programmed to be on auto-pilot.  Take every opportunity you can to feel good. “Thank you for me stubbing my toe.  It reminds me to BE”.  Just a simple switch of perspective WILL change your whole day.

I talk to so many people that are broke.  They say, “I don’t want money, I just want to be happy”.  I want to help people, I want to do this or that, I wish I could afford to talk to you.  All in the same sentence. It makes no sense.  At the moment, we live in a system that involves money.  If you had more money, you would be able to help more people.  If you are broke and feeling badly, then who exactly are you helping?  Keeping yourself down, or feeling “less than” isn’t helping anyone.  Shine your light, speak your truth.

I also talk to a lot of people who want a relationship.  When I’m connected with their energy, I can feel where they are vibrating.  So many say “I want a relationship”, yet their vibration is one of lack, of dissatisfaction, of living in the past, of loneliness. You CANNOT attract a positive relationship from this state.  Sometimes people who are vibrating low like this ask me “When will I meet someone”.  The type of answer I get is always different for each person, but it is similar.  You can potentially meet ‘someone’ quite quickly.  The message I get behind it, the message that I share, 97% of the time with this vibration is; “if you work on clearing _____ (usually, but not always it’s a past relationship with either an SO or family member), if you step into ______ part of your being, if you adjust your thoughts (and therefore vibration) to ______, then you will be able to meet a person that you can be happy and grow with.

At this point, you create your own future.  You can work on what your guides and Source has shared with you, or you can say Tamara is full of sh*t, and go on your way, and get into a relationship that is just as crappy as the last one you had. The choice is so very much yours.

You can have what you want.  You staying stuck in your lower vibration, and hooking up with someone who is vibrating at a low place won’t help you, it won’t help them.  You being UNHAPPY in a relationship WILL NOT make the other person happier.  Don’t give away your power to someone who does not want your “help”.





Why am I here?

What if your reason to be is simply to BE.  What if that is all there is to it.  What if you are here to enjoy life, be in nature.  Love.

Love yourself, love others, love nature.  Wouldn’t that be something.  All this striving, all this searching, all this questing.  Trying to find yourself.  Ever notice that the majority of people, when trying to find themselves, go for walks, go back to nature, spend time with animals. This is because at our essence we are a part of nature.  We have just forgotten how to BE.   Forgotten how to love and appreciate all that Mother Earth and her BEingness shows us.

The trees, the waters, the animals.  They do not try or yearn to be something they are not.  They are perfect just the way they are.

There is a dance in nature.   Just by existing, everything in nature is a part of a bigger whole.  A tree is a part of, is one with, the forest.  A streams waters are one with the river, the river, one with the oceans.  The leaves are one with the plant.  Nothing lives alone in a vacuum.   You are not alone.  Even in solitude you are a part of a bigger whole.  A bigger picture.  A family or a tribe or a city or a race.  Or the human race.  A bigger part of the dance of the energies and synchronicities of the planet.  Whether you realize it or not, the world would not be the same without you.

If you ever find yourself feeling lost, just allow yourself to BE.  Get out and observe nature.  Learn from it.  You are likely feeling that way because you are an oak tree that is trying to be a delicate rose.  Or a pretty daisy that is trying to sprout fruit like an apple tree.

Just BE.  BE YOU.  We need you here.  If we didn’t need you, you wouldn’t have come.  So, thank you for being here.  We are excited for you to feel the wonder and gloriousness that is you.

I could have changed it …. but why?

I was getting ready to go down to see a friend for lunch in the states. While I was blow drying my hair in the morning, I was told by my guides that I’d be stopped at the border and sent inside, which doesn’t happen very often. They did not tell me anything more, just that I would have to go in.

I KNOW that we can all create our own realities and I know that the Law of Attraction works. So, I was thinking about it, and thought, gee, if I put my focus on just going right through, and really put the ‘big desire’ to sail right thorough ‘out there’, then I know I can.

That’s basically how psychic readings/messages work. I get the information, it’s up to the receiver (in this case me), to decide what to do about it. Sometimes when I see things like this ahead of time I do really want to change it (so I manifest the change using the Law of Attraction). This time though, as I was driving down the highway on the way to the border crossing, I was just thinking, “I don’t really care”. I just couldn’t muster up the “burning desire” to create not stopping. Besides, my guides didn’t tell me it would be bad, just that it would happen. Also, I know from experience that sometimes detours are just rerouting opportunities or a way to be shown something new.

So, I get to the border, there wasn’t much of a lineup, cars were pulling forward one at a time, I got in a line and waited my turn. I get up to the border and get asked the usual questions “where are you from, where are you going etc.”. Then the border guard says “can I have your keys please, she takes my keys, checks the trunk, comes around to the passenger side of the car, rifles through my purse and tells me to pull over and go inside.

No biggie really, I’ve got nothing to hide or anything I’m not supposed to have so in I go.

I’m waiting inside the door (it’s a smaller border crossing office) and a really pleasant Border Guard says “I’ll be right with you”. AND YES, I SAID A PLEASANT BORDER GUARD.

So in a minute, he comes back and I walk up to the counter. He’s got amazing energy. He ‘feels’ quite happy and is smiling and just simply pleasant. I’ve never gotten such a warm reception from a border guard. I won’t mention the crossing I was at, or precisely when because I don’t want to get anyone in trouble. I think the guards are trained to be intimidating rather than friendly.

So I told him what I do, psychic readings, and that me and my hubby have a concrete cutting company. Then I sat down for my wait. Partway through my wait, he asked me what I charged. I said “$250 for a full hour, but there are variations”.

After about 35 more minutes he handed me my keys and passport and said I could go. I told him that if he was intrigued by the ‘psychic’ thing that I had a website. He said “I know” and pointed to his computer. He had googled me while I was waiting.

While checking on me he had called the friend I was meeting to confirm that we were just having lunch and that I wasn’t working while in the US. So she knew I would be late. While waiting for me, she had the opportunity to read part of a good book which she doesn’t get to do very often with young children.

So back to my point about, “Why change it”. Being stopped at the border was actually a very pleasant experience for me that day. As a matter of fact, dealing with the fellow I dealt with there was probably the highlight of my day. You know how just interacting with someone who is pleasant and has good energy can be uplifting and help you be in a better mood.

Also, I got the impression he was quite interested in the whole “Psychic Medium” thing. Who knows what he got out of our meeting. Maybe he read parts of my blog and it helped him in some way. Maybe he or someone in his family will end up requiring the services of a medium in the future and I will be able to help them.

The thing is, we don’t always know what the Universe has in store. Everything is a matter of perspective. When I got the message that I would be stopped at the border, if I had had the perspective that it was a negative thing I could have either changed it or turned it into a negative thing.

In my case, I consciously thought “Thanks for letting me know, it’s no big deal, I’ll just arrive at my destination later”. By doing that and just going with the flow, I ended up having a great day, my friend got in some much-needed reading time, I got a good example to share with you in a blog post, and who knows what else changed just because of one little stop.

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