Its A Good Day to Have a Good Day

Every day is a good day to have a good day.  I just wanted this to be forefront on your mind this Sunday morning.

So often we focus on tomorrow, or yesterday, or some imagined crisis that might be coming up in the future.

Everything that happens in your life happens in one moment.  Even if its something you planned ahead of time (a vacation, a date, buying a house, attending an appointment…), it all happens in one moment.

That moment is always NOW.  No matter how much you think about tomorrow being Monday, and maybe focus on the stress that Monday will bring you ~ at this moment, it is Sunday…morning.  Tomorrow isn’t here yet.

lucky clover

Even if you have something to do today that isn’t your favourite thing to do or that might be uncomfortable, you will only be doing it in the moment.  For example, if you have a phone call to make that you are dreading, if you just make the call and get it over with early in the day, then the rest of your day is free ~ to have a good day.  If you put it off until dinnertime, you will be thinking about it all day, you will have the discomfort of the call hours from now, but you will also have the stress of thinking about the call for hours.

Just stay in your moment today, enjoy it.  Life is Good and …

Today is A Good Day to Have a Good Day!



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How to Bend Time

As humans on earth, we have had the ability and opportunity to be able to bend time for quite a few years now.  Most humans have no idea that they can do this even though most have experienced it in some form over their lifetimes.

Sometimes when you are busy and lost in your moment, time seems to fly by.  Other times, it seems as if the whole world is dragging along and the day will never be over (or come).  This year has gone really quickly for all of us.  Even my son’s grade 9 friend said to me, “I can’t believe school is over, its like we didn’t even have a whole year”.

One of the reasons for this is because there is no such thing as time.  It is a man-made phenomenon and is a way for us, in our humanness, to measure one point with another.  Past, present and future are all happening NOW.  All of your other lives; including what you call your ‘past lives’ are happening NOW ~ just in a different dimension from the one you have your focus on.

Your loved ones on the other side are both ‘there’ and ‘here’.  They are simply in another dimension having a different experience.  They haven’t really gone anywhere, you just can’t see them from the dimension you are choosing to experience right now.

time does not exist

So, how can you bend time?

This ability is NOT just for certain people, or enlightened people, or people that have “gifts” like mine.  I can perceive things in a different way than most people, but that doesn’t mean that not everyone can do this.

1.  You need to come to the realization that there is no time except as you choose to experience it. You may not be able to feel it yet, but that’s not important, you just need to accept it as truth.

2.  You need to know exactly why you want to bend time.  This is important.  I will give you an example from a discussion I had with a friend yesterday.  She wants to take next Tuesday off work.  Her boss has told her she needs to do X amount of work before taking the day.  She feels like she doesn’t have enough time to do that much work without 7 hours of overtime on Sunday.  Her “why” of bending time is to achieve getting X amount of work done by Tuesday without taking Sunday family time away from her kids.

3.  Once you know the why, you need to focus on the end game and only the end game.  In the case of my friend, she has 4 contracts to complete.  What she needs to do is tell herself “4 contracts by Monday”.  And then stop thinking about itThat is the hardest part by far for any human on this planet.

4.  Now, in this case she needs to sit down and start working.  She doesn’t need to think about anything except the task at hand.  The specific paragraph (or sentence or word), of the contract she is working on right this minute.  One paragraph leads to the next.

5.  You absolutely must stay in your present moment.  Just NOW.  If you mind wanders, bring it back to NOW.

Remember, time only exists because you think it does.  It has only the value that YOU put on it.  If you stay focused in your now moment then time is completely irrelevant.

If you focus on ‘I don’t have time’, then that is what you are creating, ‘not enough time’.

I’m not kidding, its that easy.

how to bend time

The hardest part of the process of bending time

The hardest part of the whole process of bending time is allowing yourself to experience it.  Most of you won’t even be able to attempt this because most of you will refuse to focus on your current space and on what you are doing in that space.  You will convince yourself this won’t work before you try it.  Your subconscious mind and/or your logical, ego brain will scream “This is not possible!”

Notice that in the paragraph above I wrote “focus on your current space” and NOT “focus on your present moment”.  I did that on purpose, because there is no time so there is no moment.

I would absolutely love for you to leave a comment if you try this.  It would be amazing to hear some stories from those of you that decided to try it and what happened.  Other’s that read this will benefit greatly from your stories as well!

Only Live till Bedtime

I know that is a funny title for this post, but I do have a point with it.  Most of you are so stressed out, and so busy and so ungrounded that your anxiety levels have gone through the roof.  Or maybe its gone beyond that and you don’t have the energy to feel so anxious anymore, you just feel sick or shaky or burnt out.

It is really important to live in your moment.  It is not your moments that stress you out, its your perceptions of the future or the past that get you going.  There is nothing at all you can do about what has already happened in your life.  It is gone.

The astrological influences of the week are very much supportive of forgiveness.  Take some time this weekend to forgive yourself and others.  I myself have been writing out all of the things in my past that I forgive myself for (white paper, blue pen ~ there is something about the energy of writing vs. typing).  It can be tricky but it is a much needed activity for all of us at this time.  You cannot move forward in your life if you are full of regrets or anger or ‘should have’s’, or ‘could have’s’.  What is, is.  You only have now.

Enjoy your Nows

As much as you need to move on from the past, you also must not over-worry about the future.  This doesn’t mean you don’t do some planning for the future; nor does it mean you be irresponsible in your present.

You can save up for things you want, (including retirement), you can buy insurance, you can plant seeds today that will grow tomorrow, you can be thoughtful about what you would like to do for vacation this year or next.  It is just very important that you do not worry about it.  Worrying about what might happen tomorrow just steals your enjoyment of today.

Hospitals and doctors offices are FULL of people who are physically ill because of anxiety.  Anxiety is brought about by worrying about things that you can do nothing about, or by trying to do everything at once, or worrying about not ‘getting it done’, or ‘having enough’, or ‘what if’ this or ‘what if’ that.

You cannot create the life you want by living in anxiety and fear of your future or resentments from the past.  It doesn’t feel good, and Law of Attraction (not to mention your habitual ways of thinking) will just bring you more opportunities to be anxiety ridden.  I know this from personal experience.

It feels much better if you can live in your moment as much as possible.  If you “Only Live till Bedtime”, then you are more present.  Be loving, just until bedtime, be happy, just until you go to sleep tonight, be grateful, be forgiving, be aware, be conscientious, be courteous, be helpful.  All, just until you go to sleep tonight.

Tomorrow, you can ground your energy and do it all over again ~ just until bedtime though.

Give this a try.  If it feels right to you, add the Affirmation “Just until bedtime” to your list of things to say to yourself.  You will feel better for it.

With much love and appreciation,




If you need someone to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective and help you navigate changes in your life, to see if the changes you are considering are supported by Spirit, a psychic reading can help. You can contact me here.

If you want to hear what others have said about their readings you can check that out on my Psychic Reading Testimonial/Review page.


Energy Alert May 27, 2015

Just have to do an energy alert today because we have crazy energy this week.  You may feel very ungrounded, out of control, or like things are spinning so fast you don’t even know where to go.

I myself, have many projects on the go and it feels like none of them are going anywhere.  Just when I think I have a handle on one thing 10 other things come up that appear to need my attention.  I am doing a whole bunch of things at once, and still feel like very little is getting done.  Every time I start one thing; something happens and I am spun off in another (completely opposite) direction.

energy alert may 27 2015


Don’t worry about it, things will get back to normal (probably after the full moon next Tuesday).  You are likely feeling pretty overwhelmed at the moment.  Do what you can to ground your energy and relax.  There is very little that you will do, or try to make happen that will be 100% in the flow.

You may be talking, and find that you misuse words, or can’t find the word at all, or make words up, or just ramble on and say nothing.  You aren’t ‘losing it’, you are just being thrown about by this energy we are in the middle of.

You may need to spend some time prioritizing.  We all have things we MUST do but for this week, make that list as short as you possibly can, and only do what is required of you.  This energy just isn’t supportive of getting a lot (of useful work) done.

With relationships of all kinds, you may notice shifts.  Stay in your own energy, don’t judge and just go with the flow.  Things will present to you, or become apparent to you of where your energy is going that it doesn’t need to go in relationships.  Yes, we need to be kind, yes we need to be thoughtful, no we do not need to make other people’s stuff our own.  Compassion; yes.  Codependency; no.  If you are an empath, PROTECT/BLOCK your energy.  That’s it.  There is no requirement that you take on other people’s crap.

You have enough of your own stuff going on, you do not want to even imagine taking on everyone else’s stuff in this energy.  Your own energy is like riding in a bumper car; forward, backward, in circles, people and things (walls) bumping you in all directions; DO NOT ride in other people’s bumper cars as well as your own.  You will feel like you are having a nervous break down.

Just like with real bumper cars.  If you get mad when something bumps you and sends you off track, or if your car won’t drive straight, or if you get turned around, or can’t drive fast enough, you get off the ride being rather angry.  If you stay in your own car and relax, you might just be able to have some fun and laugh your way through the week.

So what to do with this wild energy ?

  • Ground your energy.
  • Breathe deeply.
  • Write a list of only things you MUST do; AND LEAVE THE REST UNTIL LATER (later might be when inspiration hits; it might be next week, it doesn’t really matter, just take it off your list for now).  Its not that you won’t get anything done, more like you won’t get everything done.
  • Be gentle with yourself (rest if you need it, eat well, relax, do yoga, meditate)
  • Be gentle with others.  Don’t try and resolve big issues with other people this week.  Most everyone is going through this; you won’t sound rational if you try to talk through this with anyone.
  • Drive carefully.
  • Don’t make any huge decisions/purchases etc.
  • Release as much as you can from your past; or from old belief systems etc.

The main thing is to honor yourself.  The energy is a little bit like a tornado and trying to be too rigid and hard on yourself or others during the next week or so will be like trying to dust your furniture in  a dust storm in the middle of the desert.

This is not to say that you cannot get anything done; it is more like ‘expect the unexpected’ and don’t put too much on your plate.  You can still have some forward movement, but more like baby steps, not big leaps.

Hope you find this helpful,





You will always have challenges

Life can be challenging at times.  Sometimes your challenges come from something that is outside of yourself and sometimes it comes from within.

The thing is, you will always have them.  If you don’t you will suffer boredom and maybe even depression.  You need challenge.

When something happens that is outside of your control it is challenging.  You cannot control other people or things, and sometimes it can be painful to deal with challenges that have been bestowed upon us by others’.  Thing is, you will get through it.  You need to believe in yourself and your higher power and allow yourself to see a different future for yourself.

aug 2014 017

Nothing ever stays the same forever.  We are either growing or dying and without change we would wither.  Good things evolve, and bad things evolve.  We can help or hinder this process with our thoughts and the energy we choose to put out into the world around us.  In any given moment, we have a choice on where to project our thoughts.  Sometimes it can be more difficult to redirect our thoughts, but it is never impossible.

Even if there are no external challenges in your life, you will create some.  That is the nature of being in human form.  You came here to experience life and you will have experiences.  If you have no challenges you will get bored and you will need to do something.  Even if you are in a healthy, happy relationship, and extremely healthy and wealthy, your Soul will call you to embrace a change or a challenge.  Look at Richard Branson, I don’t even know how many companies he has started, but it seems like he’s always got his hand in something new.  This is because he needs a challenge; it is apparent he is not doing it because he needs more money.

My life is pretty good; sometimes it even gets boring.  I don’t have a job I have to drive to, so no commute time; if I want time off I take it; if I feel like sitting in the sun in my yard, I work (or relax) outside.  I have some minor health challenges, and sometimes I have minor financial challenges; but really because of the way I perceive them, they are hardly ‘challenging’ at all.  They are simply a part of life.  If something comes up and it doesn’t feel good, I do what I can to change it

That is why I chose to blog every day.  This is day 143.  Writing something for you every day is challenging.  I do a lot of my own technical work as well, that is challenging.  These are challenges I set up for myself so my life would not be boring.  I have had boring in my life and its no fun either.

So if you have challenges in your life that you need to get through, just focus on one day at a time and keep moving.  If you keep moving forward, pretty soon that particular challenge will be behind you.  Then you can get on to the next one.  Most things take some time.

If you learn how to use energy to your advantage and if you straighten out your vibration and live in your now, you will be manifesting the life you desire in no time.  And it will still be challenging!




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What Makes You Happy?

BE happy

So a friend of mine asked the question on Facebook, “What Makes You Happy”.  There were a TON of responses.  Here are some of them.  Not necessarily verbatim, but the gist of what people said:

  • I start by choosing to be happy and count my blessings
  • Taking a risk (and winding up happy)
  • I cannot find my true happiness outside my family
  • My happiness has been fleeting and did not last, vitamins helped with depression
  • Going to the movies
  • Being self-sufficient
  • Happiness is not something I find, it is something I strive to be

There were quite a few comments of people that were having a hard time finding happiness.  Happiness truly does come from within.  Sometimes we can get so focused on the stresses of life that we actually forget that it is okay to be happy.  We may (or may not), be surrounded by people who are unhappy and it brings our attention to all that is wrong in our world.

Just look at children.  Children know how to be happy.  All they need is some love and attention.  It is unfortunate that so many people are teaching their children that life is too stressful to be happy.  Children should be teaching US how to be happy and in our moment, but what I see is parents that are so stressed out and living in a different time; past, or future, that they cannot be present with their kids.  That just makes more stressed out adults in the future.  If you want to see a stressed out child, just look at a stressed out adult that cannot be present in the moment with their child.  When a child needs attention, and an adult is only giving them a half-assed attempt at attention, the child will scream and kick up a fuss.  Then the adult thinks it is the child that is causing stress.  That’s not the case, it is the adults lack of undivided attention in the moment that is stressing out the child.  Children can be wonderful mirrors to your life.  If you are blessed enough to have a child in your life try just spending time with them, colouring, reading, or playing with blocks, or going for a walk and looking through their eyes.  If you don’t have a child in your life, just go to the park and watch the children ~ you can learn a lot.

Truly, happiness comes from moments not lifestyle.  You have a choice in each and every moment whether to be appreciating a moment, or focusing elsewhere.  You can even find happiness in doing the dishes if you want to.  You could focus on your ‘messy, ungrateful family’, or you can focus on the fact that you can lose yourself in the moment of the dishes.  Feeling the warm water on your hands, the squeaky cleanness of plates, how your kitchen looks now that the dishes aren’t on the counter anymore.  If you go into your moment and keep your thoughts present, you will be able to find you have many more happy moments.  Happy moments make for a happy life.

Gratitude 2

This is something I have personally been working on myself as well.  Staying in a constant state of appreciation ~ it brings a lot of happiness.  I don’t have everything I want in my life, I never will because as I get what I want, I expand my consciousness and want more (or different).  Just know that when it comes right down to it, it doesn’t matter what external things you want, if you are not happy, none of it will matter.  Without happiness and appreciation nothing external will make you happy anyway.

Don’t let anyone else tell you how to be happy.  Just BE.  Be in your moment, appreciate, and see and experience just how happy you can be. If your thoughts wander to another place, or another time that is uncomfortable, just bring yourself right back into your present moment and find something that is here and now to focus on and appreciate.



You will always have challenges

There will never be a time in your life that you are not challenged in one area or another.  Never.  Even if your life is relatively good, you will still have challenges.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a way to enjoy each challenge as it came along?

There is…

Your thoughts are what create your feelings.  Your thoughts and feelings are what creates your next steps.  Unless and until you can look at each challenge on its own, and see it for what it is, and work to get past it, you won’t allow yourself to be happy.

Funny phrase you won’t allow yourself to be happy.  A lot of you will say that you want to be happy, that I am full of it.  But really, it is you who is creating this.  Not your boss, your mate, your kids, the government.  It is you.

Because you will always have a challenge in your life, if you decide that this challenge is too hard, will never go away, or is someone else’s fault, you won’t be able to move past it.  Your intuition cannot buck the current of your determination to place blame somewhere.

allow yourself to be happy

I’m not saying this to make you feel badly.  I am saying this because its true.  You are so very powerful.  You are a creator.  It is totally in your power to overcome any challenge that may come your way.  Your first step is to always realize that you have personal power, personal power over yourself and your own thoughts, feelings and actions.

Some challenges are bigger than others, that is a given.  Being challenged in your scope of work, or in a sport is easier than losing someone you love or having an illness.  But big or small, there are ways you can support yourself through your challenges.


What is the difference between people who get past big challenges and people who don’t?

  • People who get past challenges take responsibility for their own feelings right now, they don’t wallow and blame.   Try it, this can create a huge shift in your energy immediately.  Huge.
  • They acknowledge that sometimes life just isn’t fair.  Because its not.  If you walk around thinking that life should be fair, chances are you will be disappointed ~ a lot.
  • They look at a challenge as a reason to change something.  You are either growing or dying.  If you never change anything, you aren’t growing, so what does that leave you?
  • They don’t wait for someone else to come in and change something, or rescue them, or put the past back the way it used to be.  They take action.
  • They don’t look to the past and wish it was still the same.  Sometimes life throws you curveballs.  You can’t go back.
  • They don’t turn to drugs, alcohol, food, sex or other self-destructive behaviours.  They know that they are responsible for themselves, and they generally don’t treat themselves badly like that.
  • They don’t glorify the past.  “Oh that was the perfect job, relationship, home…”  If it was perfect, it would still be there.  See things for what they are NOW.

You have absolute power over how you choose to feel and the actions you choose to take.  Every time.  Way too many of you were disempowered by your parents or other important people in your life.  Isn’t it time that you started to forget all those disempowering things you’ve been told?

Even in a 12 Step Program they say, “we admitted we were powerless”.  Don’t believe it for a minute.  People wouldn’t heal if they were powerless.  Sometimes we do need to surrender, but there can be a lot of power in surrender.

You are never powerless to overcome a challenge unless you choose to give away your power to something external (just for the record, praying is not external You are God.)  Whether you give it away willingly to another person, or unwittingly by your thoughts, that is the only way you aren’t powerful in certain situations.  Do remember though, you are still creating, even if you feel powerless.  I can tell you from personal experience, it is much more comfortable to create with intention rather than by default of thinking there is nothing you can do.





Why You Need To Ground Your Energy

As I was sitting here pondering what to write about today, I came to the realization that I was slightly ungrounded.  My first thought was, I need to ground my energy so that I can actually sit and do some writing.

I have committed myself to doing a blog post every day, I am on day 75 today, so I am certainly not going to let a little bit of ‘ungroundedness’ stop me today.

I have written many blog posts where I talk about grounding your energy, I have shared written meditations on “Grounding your energy“, and videos that walk you through a grounding meditation.

We Are Here

We Are Here

Here are 5 Good Reasons to Ground Your Energy

1.  Grounding your energy helps you to stay firmly in your body.  We are spirits having a human experience and sometimes our energy gets too “out there” and we do not function the best way.

2.  When you ground your energy and connect with the Earth you can be more aware of feelings and sensations in your body.

3.  It helps you to stay in your present moment.  You do not focus on the past, and you worry less about the future.

4.  As a result, grounding your energy can reduce anxiety.  You will feel calmer and you will feel more ‘in control’ of yourself and your energy.

5.  Grounding your energy can help you get things done.  You don’t need to be hyper and ungrounded to get a lot done.  You can ground your energy and still be ‘hyper’ and you will get even more done.

How Grounding your Energy Helps With Psychic Development

Many people think that developing their own intuition involves only working on the higher Chakra systems.  They work on connecting to Source via their Crown Chakra, and opening their Third Eye Chakra.

When working on developing your own psychic abilities, its is important that you also work on your Root Chakra and learn how to ground your energy.

Psychic impressions come from many different places, and I will often feel things in my body.  If I am too ungrounded and disconnected from my body I would not be able to feel or recognize these feelings.

If I am not grounded in my own body and energy as I go through my day, my empathetic abilities can get a little bit out of hand as well.

So if you are not feeling at your best, if you are worried, or anxious, or feeling like you are not able to get done what you need to get done, try grounding your energy and see how you feel.


If you need someone to help you look at your life from a fresh perspective and help you navigate changes in your life, to see if the changes you are considering are supported by Spirit, a psychic reading can help. You can contact me here.

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Feel Better for Just 5 Minutes

I had a rough morning yesterday.  Had something come up that was pretty uncomfortable.  I was feeling extremely lost and felt like “What am I going to do?  This is horrible.  I am so overwhelmed, I don’t know when this is going to end”.  It was feeling like one thing after another was hitting me, and this subject has been, and was a biggie for me.

It was pretty uncomfortable.  I was trying to figure things out and decide what my next step should be.  I wasn’t coming up with much.  The more I thought about it the worse I felt.

I know how energy works.  I know that ‘thoughts are things’ and that ‘thoughts create’.  So this is what I did.  I am sharing it with you because it totally works.  It is NOT theory, it is not ‘try this and see if it helps’.  It WORKS.  It worked for me, it will work for you ~ you have to let it work for you though.  This is where that word “allowing” comes in when people are talking about the Law of Attraction.

You have to be willing to let go of your uncomfortable feelings.  If you want to justify your feelings; or say that you should be feeling badly, anyone would; or if you just prefer to feel like crap because that is your comfort zone; or if you are trying to punish someone else by feeling bad then this will not work for you.

This post is for all of you that really do want to feel better.  If you aren’t there yet, that’s fine, just know that when you are ready this WILL work for you.

Rays of Sunshine

Six Steps to 5 Minutes of Feeling Better

This is a list of what to do.  In blue it shows what/how I did it yesterday….

Recognize and acknowledge your feelings.  (I feel bad).  This part was pretty easy for me, I was in the middle of feeling it.

Think back to yesterday, or last week, or last year when you felt good.  Remember you were laughing and how good it felt?  I only had to remember the day before.  I was at the Women’s Show with some friends and we did a lot of visiting and laughing.

Think forward.  You have laughed before, do you honestly think (believe) that you will NEVER laugh again?  You may be very sad (or angry or resentful or whatever) right now, but if you think about it, there is a part of you that knows you will laugh again (you might even laugh 2 minutes from now if you hear a good enough joke).  I thought about it, and I knew that this feeling couldn’t last forever.  I knew that by Friday I would have had at least one opportunity to laugh (thinking that I would probably have many, but at the LEAST I would have a moment where I felt good again).

You need to acknowledge that thoughts are things and create your next moments.  This part was really easy for me because I have known and believed this my whole life. 

Think of something else for five minutes.  You don’t have to time it or anything.  Just involve your mind in something else.  Watch stupid cat videos on YouTube, or talk to a friend that makes you feel better (don’t talk to a friend that will help you wallow in your pain).  I can’t remember exactly what I did for 5 minutes yesterday.  I just got involved in some other work that took some of my attention away from what was concerning me. 

Reach out for advice from someone you trust.  In my case, I emailed my “trusted person” and asked if she had any advice on what to do with my ‘situation’.  (turns out she did, and it was really good).  This wasn’t instant though.  It took her a few hours to email me back.  If she had not had any advice for me, I would have still been fine.  It was the act asking a question of a professional that helped me feel better.  It helped me feel like I was doing something about it rather than just wallowing.

As soon as I did these steps I felt better.  I have felt better ever since and have not looked back.  All together I think I was only feeling badly for about 1.5 hours.  The ‘situation’ is still there.  It was there last week when I never knew about it.  It will be there probably for a few months yet.  It is NOT something I have any control over at all.

The trick is to recognize what you CAN do about something vs. what you CANNOT do about something, and do what you can, and forget the rest.

The Law of Attraction will bring you more of what you are focusing on, and where you are Energetically Vibrating.  I know this well enough that I don’t let myself wallow in pain.  I don’t ignore things that need my attention ~ ever, that just makes it worse. However, I can tell the difference between something that needs my attention and something that is grabbing my attention because of how I am feeling.

For those of you that might think this is easier for me than for the ‘average person’, the reason I wrote this blog post is because I was talking to a friend last night that was feeling very badly and was crying.  I recognize that her ‘situation’ is a little harder than mine, and might (or might not) take a bit longer to resolve completely.

I shared with her what I did automatically for myself earlier in the day.  Her and I were laughing on the phone.  When I first called her, she was crying.  She is going through something tough, but I shared with her that it would be helpful to try and have as many “5 Minutes of Feeling Better” as she could.  I know she felt better for at least 5 minutes last night (maybe even longer), and that is a start.

This is not always an instant cure, but it is always helpful in getting you through a difficult time.  All we ever have is this moment we are in now.  Try feeling good for 5 minutes in your now moment.  Repeat.



If you would like some help figuring things out in your life a psychic reading can help.  You can contact me here.

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Can you surrender?  What does surrender even really mean?  Spiritually speaking, surrender is simply letting go.  There are a lot of things (or people) that we really don’t have any control over, so surrendering is what can help keep us sane.

The planetary alignments of the past few days, (and of today) are perfect to help with this.  The energies have been a little bit intense, and trying to control everything is making a lot of you feel badly.  To surrender doesn’t mean to give up ~ it more means to give up your need to control.  To let go and let your higher self take over for a little bit.

When you do let go of the need to control you open yourself up to receive more guidance.  When you turn off your ego and mind, and just simply surrender, your intuition can take over and you will be able to receive divine guidance.

Yesterday I wrote about the need to do now that you have learned.  We are learning so much, and heading in so many new directions it can get very overwhelming trying to decide on what to do next.  We fill up our plates with so much learning and seeking that we don’t actually do anything.


How Doing and Surrender can happen at the same time

When you keep seeking and learning and it gets to be that overwhelming for you, you end up running around trying to do tiny pieces of what you’ve learned, you write lists of things you need to do, you get overwhelmed and you do nothing.  Your anxiety levels go up because you keep adding things that you need to get done to your list.

When you surrender, you actually open yourself up to more divine guidance and you intuitively know what to do next.  Everyone has this ability.  Its just not everyone that is willing to surrender to their higher selves and take that inspired action.

This is how it works even when I write these blog posts.  I am learning a lot of ‘techie’ stuff, and trying to implement some things a bit at a time as I go along.  The more I learn the more I realize I have a lot to learn.  This is what I touched on yesterday.

Now for the surrender part.  On any given day most of you have a whole bunch of things on your list of things to do.  You try and plan and control and figure out everything and how you will get it all done.  Some of you will run around doing things, some of you will get so overwhelmed that you just sit and have a glass of wine, some of you will just keep doing a bunch of stuff for the sake of doing something because you know you should be.  You get so wrapped up in your day and you cannot turn off your mind.

Imagine if you could just let your soul take over for a day?  If you just set your intention to feel good, have a good day, and surrender to whatever pops in for you from your intuition.  This is precisely what I did today.  I feel like I have so much to do today, I wasn’t sure where to start.  My logical mind was thinking “you have to email a bunch of clients, you have to get at least one email reading done, you need to exercise, shower, then get out and do those errands.  You also need to set up that techie thing for yourself, pay some bills, and write a blog post”.

Yes, I felt very overwhelmed and had no idea where to start!  Especially after staying up late last night, not writing my blog post until almost midnight and then sleeping in until 9:30.  I almost never sleep in and boy did I ever feel like I was ‘behind’ because I’d already ‘lost’ 3 hours of my day!

What did I do with this energy?  I surrendered.  Before I got to that place of surrender, I wasn’t even sure if I would get this post done before late-night again.  Before I surrendered I hadn’t sent any emails because there were so many to send I didn’t know who to start with.

The minute I ‘let go’ of what I ‘had’ to do and the need to ‘do something’ my higher self was able to take over and inspire me.  I got out of my ego mind saying what I had to do and my next step just presented to me.

So here it is just lunchtime and my blog post is getting done.  I have sent a few emails that I was inspired to send (the rest can wait a wee bit).  I’ve done a little bit of exercise, not a lot, haven’t had time yet, but I wanted to get some in, so I did.

When you surrender, it doesn’t mean you give up.  It means you ground your energy, quiet your mind, and listen.  Listen to your heart and your intuition and allow things to flow for you.  Sometimes when you surrender your higher self will tell you to simply rest.  This is what happened for me yesterday.  A couple of days ago I was starting to feel really tired, like I had been doing too many readings, and that I needed a clearing and some rest.  So that’s what I did yesterday.  I had a nap in the middle of the day.  I’m sure that’s one of the reasons my blog post didn’t get done until midnight.  But the point is, I listened to the divine guidance I was getting so I rested and I did some, no, a whole bunch, of energy clearing.

Where in your life do you need to surrender and go with the flow?

Give it a try, I would love to hear how it went for you.