The Only New Year’s Resolution You Need

There is one thing you can do for yourself this year that is guaranteed to change your life. It can change your life so drastically that it will feel like magic.

Make the New Year’s Resolution to pay attention to what you are thinking and saying and how you are phrasing it.  Then re-phrase things where necessary.

They don’t always teach this in “Manifesting School”, but being unaware of what you are manifesting is the biggest block to happiness and success for most people.

How you phrase things, and what you say you want can make all the difference in the world.

Firstly:  What is it you want? Be clear on that.

Most of you when asked what you want, will list off a bunch of things that you DON’T want. It seems to be human nature to phrase things that way.

Here are some examples of how you can replace your negative thinking with more positive thinking.  How you can begin to manifest what you do want instead of manifesting what you DON’T want.

peace on earth

What most people say about money:

“I don’t want to struggle anymore.”

“I can’t save money”

Instead say:

“I want to be financially comfortable”

“I can save $10 this week”


What Most People Say About Relationships:

“I don’t want to attract another guy/woman that treats me badly and can’t be trusted. I’ve had so many bad relationships, I want a good one now.”

“All the good ones are taken”

Instead say:

“I want to share my life with someone who loves and respects me as much as I love and respect them”.

“I know there are good single people in the world, I am single and I am good”.


How Most People Phrase the Simple Things

When talking to kids.  “Go to bed, you want to have a good sleep so you are not late for school”.

Instead say:

“Go to bed now, you want to have a good sleep so you can get to school on time feeling refreshed”.


What most People Say about Body Image/Weight/Health:

“I am so fat. I eat way too much crap food and I don’t move enough.  I am sick of feeling this way, I want a change”.

“I really don’t like this (fill in the blank), about my body/health.”

Instead say:

“I love my body. I like to eat vegetables (insert any food you like that you know is healthy for you here) and it feels really good to move around.  The more I move my body, the more I want to move my body”.

“I am really grateful I woke up this morning and that I am breathing.  I am grateful that I have my eyes, or can get around (or whatever else your wonderful body does for you).”

How most people state things is focused solely on what is NOT wanted. You already know what you don’t want ~ STOP AFFIRMING IT.

You need to affirm what you DO want.

I guarantee that if you do this consistently and long enough, your entire world will change in the most positive ways!





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