Energy Update ~ October 5, 2017 – Harvest Full Moon

The Full Moon today is in “Firey Aries”. You may find yourself to be a little more emotional than normal.

If you have any unexpressed anger you may find it bubbling to the surface.  Step into your Power and your Knowingness ~ but use the energy of the sun in Libra to bring balanced communication.  Conscious communication, get off ‘auto-pilot’ and stop being reactionary.

Stay centred in your heart, and communicate with love and compassion.  You may also need to ‘receive’ communications from others ~ once again though, use discernment and your own knowingness to digest these communications.  You need to know (or find) your own truth.

Make sure that you take some deep breaths, ground your energy to mother earth, and stay centred in your heart.

The full moon is a great time to write a list of things you are ready to let go of.  You could write it and then burn it (safely of course), to help let it go.  You can follow this up with writing a list of all the things you are grateful for and that you would like to keep in your life.

We are all so unique and on different parts of our journey.  Some of you have been feeling a bit upset or angry this week.  Others of you have been super optimistic.

Part of the reason for this is because things are changing so rapidly right now.  If you are feeling upset or angry, NOW would be a good time to look at what is not working in your life.  If something is not working, use this full moon to let it go.  If it is something that you cannot just “let go of” ~~ a job that pays the bills for example ~~ then you will need to change your perspective of it.

Rather than complain about ‘what is’, start being grateful for what it provides for you.  With work, you could focus on gratitude that you have work.  If it is a relationship, then appreciating what it does fulfil for you will be helpful (if you cannot find anything to be grateful for in your relationship, then seriously, its time to leave).

If you have been doing the ‘work’, are not holding onto “unexpressed anger” and embracing change, and allowing things to flow for you, you may find that there are no upset feelings at all.  None, just contentment.  And hey, that’s a good thing too.

I know I have been super inspired this week.  I am getting things done that have been on the back-burner for literally months.  Now that I am doing them I’m wondering why its taken me so long to get to it.  I did have a little vacation last weekend and actually left town and spent the weekend at a lake.  It was very rejuvenating and helped me get back into a flow.

That is what the energy is like right now.  We have been working so hard on clearing out all the crap and on ‘personal growth’, and spiritual alignment.  Now is the time for you to start taking some actions towards what it is you want.  Sitting and fantasizing about what you want your life to look like all while sitting on your couch just isn’t’ going to cut it right now.

Whether you are feeling good, or not so good, USE the energy of this Full “Harvest” Moon to harvest what you want.  Its time to decide what you want and start taking steps to get there.  Don’t talk yourself out of what you want.  Start taking some actions, even baby steps.  Talk gently to yourself.  Encourage yourself with your self-talk.  You can do it and you can inspire yourself with how you talk to yourself.  How would you inspire your best friend?  That is how you need to inspire yourself.

Always with love,




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