Give More To Get More

This post will hopefully help those of you who have your own practice.  I wrote it in such a way though that even if you don’t have a “business”, it can help you with life in general.

Over the years I have met many people who have helped me on my journey.  At some point or other I have mentioned most of them on this website.  You may need to look around, but if you are looking for a referral to someone who does a type of work that I don’t do, (or that does the same work as I do but are in a different city, and I know and trust them), you will probably find a link to them somewhere on this site.

If they write a blog or Facebook post that I think my own readers will find helpful, or amusing, or interesting, I will share it.  I don’t often re-cycle other people’s work on this blog, but certainly I will share their posts on my Facebook Page.

Something I don’t understand about some of you though, is your absolute fear about sharing other people’s goodness.  I am not talking about stealing someone else’s work and posting it as your own. I am taking about referring your friends and clients to someone who is good at what they do.  Sharing love with or about someone else takes nothing away from you. 

Help Others Psychic

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

One time when I shared another psychic’s link on my page, and wrote up a review for her on my site, she emailed me and thanked me because, she said “this can be a bit of a cutthroat business and I find that most people try and put other psychic’s down, not build them up”.

I couldn’t believe it.  I am aware that I think a lot differently than most people, but c’mon.  There are over 7 billion people on this planet.  There is a TON of work for all of us.  We don’t have to slag each other and put each other down, or hide who our friends are if they are in the same business as we are.

My readings aren’t for everyone, some people are looking for something I do not offer.  Or, I live in Chilliwack, and some people are not comfortable getting a reading on the phone and can’t drive here.  Why wouldn’t I give them a referral to someone in their area if I know of someone?  I’m not the only game in town.  I have many wonderful clients and am consistently meeting new ones.  I am not afraid that by helping one person find someone in their area or someone who is an expert in something a little bit different than I do, my work will dry up.

I have taken Reiki, but I don’t teach it, nor am I a master.  I have a couple of Reiki Masters  in different cities I refer people to when I need to.  I know a couple of people that do Akashic Records Readings that I will refer people to.  I know Shamans, Tarot Card Readers, website experts, holistic health practitioners, and other Psychic Mediums.

My circle of people reaches far and wide.  I am not afraid to share them with anyone.  I am here to help, I have always said that, and I have always lived that.  If helping involves beating someone else’s drum, then that is what I will do.

Don't be afraid to help someone else.

Don’t be afraid to help someone else.

If you have your own business (or even if you don’t) here are 5 Points to Help You Connect with More People:

1.  By living in fear that there will not be enough clients for you, you will not have enough clients.

2.  By thinking that sharing someone else (another company/practitioner/expert opinion), will take away from you or your business, you are doing yourself a great disservice (energetically and in your ability to truly help others).

3.  Not everyone that interacts with you or your website is going to want or need you when they find you.  If you truly want to help them, and other healers you know, don’t be afraid to speak up and share your connections.

4.  If you have your own blog, or your own practice, allow for comments, and allow for commenters to link back to their own website.  It will be a win/win for everyone.

5.  Even if the help that you give someone is to point them in the direction of someone else, they will remember that you helped them, and if they need what you offer in the future, you will be the first one they think of.

* I don’t get any ‘kickbacks’ from the people I refer.   What I get is the satisfaction of sending someone in the right direction for what they need.  I get the satisfaction of giving business to someone who has really helped me; I get to help them back.

We are all in this world together.  We need more cooperation and less competition.  More sharing, less hoarding.




*  I do sometimes have affiliate links to products on this website for which I receive a small commission, but if they are on here, it is for a product I have used or tested myself



Are You Getting Too Woo Woo?

Funny title I know.  But really, I know and am working with a lot of people who are moving into the 5th Dimension with Gaia.  This is wonderful news, it is so nice to see so many of you learning to tap into your own intuition, and to start learning about the Law Of Attraction, and using energy and Chakra Systems etc.

I have been teaching you how to work with energy for a long time now, and will be teaching even more in 2014.  I am excited for all of you who are connecting to your Higher Selves and are realizing that the LOA and consciously creating does work.  It is fun for me to watch the people around me grow.  I must admit, I feel less alone now than I used to when I was younger.  So many more people like me now!

I have been experiencing what you have been experiencing for almost my whole life.  It IS exciting, it still excites me (although, I must admit that I sometimes take it for granted, much like you take your eyes & sight for granted ~ but I try not to).

Back to the main reason for this post.


I feel like shouting this one from the rooftops!  There are many of you, that as you learn and grow, start to expect everyone to be where you are.  You absolutely must remember where you were a few months or years ago.  Learning all you are learning is great.  Sharing what you are learning is great ~ but only if you are sharing it with people who are ready.

A couple of things that I have noticed with “newbies” to this energy is that now that they “get it”, they expect everyone else to, and if people around them don’t, they get impatient.  THAT IS SIMPLY NOT FAIR.  I was born like this, and 40 some odd years ago it was much rarer for someone to be like me.  I learned very early on that if I expected everyone in my circle of friends to understand and to know what I know, I would have very few friends.

Some people just aren’t there yet.  You need to be patient with them.  Especially those people who have been in your life for a while.  YOU may be changing, but they might not be ready yet.  Stop judging them, or ‘calling them’ on the way they are talking or “manifesting” in their life.  YOU WERE ONCE THERE TOO.  Think back to where you came from.  That is where they are now.  NO ONE gets there by force.  You would not have, your loved ones or friends won’t either.  You can be a walking talking EXAMPLE, but do not turn into a preacher.  Don’t talk about things that are so “Out there” to people who are new to this that you turn them off and they start to think you are crazy (trust me, I know about people thinking you are nuts).  Alienation anyone??

Be patient with people, and focus on LOVE … I learned early on in doing readings that patience and love goes a long way to understanding.  I am sure that if I alienated, preached to, or yelled at you on my blog you would have stopped reading years ago.  Have love and compassion for people.  On a soul level they may want what you have, but on the 3rd Dimensional Level they do not understand yet.  If they are meant to stay in your life they will, whether they ever ‘get it’ or not.

This brings me to my second “warning” about being “Too Woo Woo”.  DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, try and live someone else’s life for them.  Do not become co-dependent, or base your happiness on how many people you can help to ‘get it’.  NO ONE GETS IT UNTIL THEY ARE READY.  You are not responsible for getting them ready.   You need to learn who you can help and who you cannot help.  The people who you CAN help will ASK YOU.  If they do not ask, then stop telling.  It is that simple.  If you are living your life by example (as opposed to preaching), people will ask you for your help or opinion.

Finally… KEEP YOURSELF GROUNDED.  I worked on this for years and years (like 30 before I really got it).  I now have some clients tell me I am the most grounded psychic they know.  It’s because I worked on it.  It takes a LOT of practice.  When you are living your life in the 5th Dimension, and giving a lot of your attention to your higher Chakras and working with energy, it can be easy to forget your lower Chakras.  It can get so exciting to talk to Spirit, or Angels, or to see colours, or to start really seeing synchronicities or manifestations, that you may find that you almost forget that you are living in a reality were the majority of people still don’t operate the way you now do.

It might seem like ‘everyone is getting it’, but that is because now that you have changed your vibration to a ‘higher’ state, you are attracting more people into your life that are like the new you.  The people that are still vibrating in the 3rd Dimension are still there, you just see less of them.

The thing is YOU STILL SEE THEM, and unless and until you move up on a mountaintop and are 100% Self-Sufficient, growing your own food, making your own electricity, and having no need for money at all, you will still need to deal with people that you may JUDGE to be vibrating lower than you.  The sooner you learn to blend the 3rd Dimensional Energies with the 5th Dimensional Energies the more comfortable you will be.

Congratulations for getting to where you are, it is just the beginning for you.  Have fun with it.  Enjoy it.  Be excited by it.  Create the life you want with it.  Just don’t get so Woo Woo.







Money Can Buy Hapiness

I like this video and wanted to share with you.
It is Harvard Business School professor Michael Norton talking at TEDxCambridge.
If you think money can’t buy happiness, maybe you aren’t spending it right.

Don’t be put off by the title, its a video worth watching.

With Gratitude

I have had a lot of personal transformations over the past year.  As most of you that read my blog regularly already know, I had a really tough time last year with my health and my energy.

This is a post of gratitude for those that helped me through this time.

Soul Realignment  

The first person that helped me, back in June of 2011 was Kelly Kiss, her website is .  She is a Soul Realignment practitioner based in New Westminster, BC.  I don’t even remember how I found her, but I am grateful.  I had a distance session with her and it was truly amazing.  I learned a lot about myself on a Soul Level that I did not know for certain before.  She also helped me to clear out my house and my aura from some things that were around me that were not here for my highest and best good.  I don’t want to get too ‘freaky’ with this, but there were some spirits around my house, other than the ghosts I knew of, that had cloaked themselves from me, yet were draining my energy without my knowledge.  She was also able to help me to recognize some past life residue that was still having an impact in my current life.  Having these things cleared out really helped my entire situation.  I felt physically better, emotionally better and my energy levels improved.

As much as Kelly clears things out for you, there is ‘homework’ that needs to be done afterwards.  It is fairly simple and involves 21 days of repeating things that she has written out for you.

I was so impressed with Kelly, that within two weeks of my session with her I had her do a clearing for my husband too.  I can certainly say that his energy, attitude and ways of looking at things have improved too.  His business has picked up considerably and he is moving forward and expanding more than he ever has before.

I also learned my planet of origin from Kelly.  There are many of us Starseeds on Earth at this important time in our human evolution.  I always knew I was one, but I knew very little about them.  My original incarnation was from Hadar.  You can read more about it here if you are inclined.   It helped me to understand better who I am, what motivates me, why I am here and what I am doing.  It also explains to me why I feel that love is so important and why I blog about it so often.

Shamanic Healing

Another person that helped me a lot was Mara Clearspring ( who does Shamanic Work.  Mara is in San Diego, California and I also worked with her on the phone.  She is an amazing woman with great energy.  When working with Mara I managed to clear out the last of two ghosts that were stuck in my house.  I could see and feel them, but I couldn’t manage to help them.  She also helped me intuitively with a few other things that were happening in my life.

Mara has also taught me some additional energy work that I have been using for the past few months.  I will be doing more work with Mara over the next while, hoping to learn from her so that I can share more with you.

My Clients

I cannot neglect to mention my clients and my readers.  I am grateful for each and every one of you.  Many of you were patient with me when I needed to take some time off, or when it took me a long time to get back to you.  I also thank those of you who sent me love and healing energy.

As much as it is my path to help you, doing this work also helps me.  Without you, I do not know if I would be so inspired.  You inspire me to learn, write, teach and grow.  I learn from you too and for this I thank you.

Shawn Gallaway, I Choose Love, Video of the Month

I got back from the “Celebrate Your Life” Conference in Phoenix yesterday.  I met some of the most amazing people.  One of the souls I had the pleasure to connect with was Shawn Gallaway.  Hearing him in person and feeling his energy was quite the experience!

I share one of his uplifting and inspiring songs here.  Give it a listen, open your heart and choose Love for yourself.

A Note from the Universe

A client recently introuduced me to this website called TUT.  I signed up for a daily (Monday to Friday), personalized e-mail from The Universe.  Its pretty cute.  And inspirational too. I like getting an email from the universe every morning.

The website also has some other interesting things on it. I haven’t looked around it a whole lot yet, but as I try things from the website I will put them in my “Product Reviews” category of my blog. If I really liked them, they will also show on “My Favourite Things” category on my blog.

Already TUT is one of “My Favourite Things”.

Click – A Note from the Universe – to sign up for your own daily notes, or just to take a look around the website.

Thoughts Become Things DVD

Today is a Good Day

Boy oh boy energies and things have been strange lately.  For me, and for a lot of my clients that I have talked to.  Its as if we are all waiting for something to happen.  There has been a lull.  Many of us know that things are as they are meant to be and that we will be okay.  Some would call it faith, some would call it a knowing, or connection to Source that they feel that all is as it should be, or at least that change is coming.

Its just this darn 3D world that messes us up sometimes.  As we slowly come out of the recession, many of us feel like we just can’t take anymore.  We’ve been beaten down, and things have felt like they just aren’t picking up.  So many are either out of work, or are just getting back to work, or are working for less than they were before.   Even my husband’s concrete cutting company has been slow.  Its picking up, but when he’s at a job site, almost everyone he talks to has been in the same boat, work is coming, its just not quite here yet.

Some are losing faith, but please try not to. While you are waiting for the new to show up, do what you can right now, with the old stuff.  Have you got a lot of clutter in your house that needs to be cleared out?  Things you have been thinking of doing but didn’t have the time to do before?  Its these times of lull that are the best for revaluating and realigning with your higher self and clearing out the stuff that you don’t need anymore, the stuff that is no longer serving your highest and best good.

I know all too well how hard it can be to motivate yourself when things feel like they are falling apart all around you.  When I find myself in that spot ~ I pray, I meditate, I pray more, I pray a lot.  I ask for help.  Sometimes the help I ask for is just to get through today.  I don’t always ask for specific things ~ I ask for feelings, the feeling that I want to have is calmness ~ even when life is at its stormiest for me.  I don’t ever want to lose the faith, I don’t ever want to lose the connection to Source, or to lose what makes me who I am.

Today is a stormy day here in BC.  It feels so very cleansing, I think I might even just go out in the back yard and sit (rain or not), and let the wind just clear away all the crap that’s built up lately. And maybe I’ll pray while I’m out there.