Energy Alert ~ New Moon in Taurus Today, May 6-2016

A quick little reminder that there is a New Moon in Taurus today!

This is an interesting one especially because there are currently 5 planets that are also retrograde.  When planets are retrograde it is a really good time to go within and see what you want and where you might be going ~ or more importantly where you want to be going.

This is a perfect New Moon for opportunity, abundance, prosperity, and expansion.  Today is a perfect day to set some intentions for what you would like to see in your life.

create your reality

Now isn’t necessarily time to take a lot of new actions, but it is a perfect time to finish things up and get clear on what you want to take action on later.

Perhaps you don’t even know what you want.  Use this energy to figure it out.  Allow yourself some time to journal what your perfect life would look like.  Would you be working more, or less?  Would you be exercising more, having more love in your relationships?  You can have anything you want, but it always starts with actually having an idea what you want.  Many of my clients cannot answer the question “What do you want?”

So, ask yourself, “What do I want” ~ don’t put conditions on it, don’t talk yourself out of it, don’t think about what others want for you, get clear on what you want.

Clarity is important.  You must be clear.  You cannot manifest what you want if you are all wishy washy.  You will not get what you want if your actions are not clear.  You wouldn’t go to a grocery store to buy a new car.  Make sure that the actions of where you are going match what you say you want.  If you say you want a good relationship but you are accepting being in a bad relationship you are not being clear, you are not taking the actions to get where you want to be.

Use this time to look within and figure out what you want.  What changes can you make within yourself to get what you want in your outward world.  (Do you need to change a relationship or job, or maybe shop somewhere else that has what you want?)  Things need to change inside before they can change in your outer world.

So take this opportunity of the Taurus New Moon and set some clear intentions for your life, you will be happy you did.

With Love




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