Angel Card Reading for the week of March 2 – 8, 2015

So, I got pretty good feedback about the Angel Card Reading from last week, so I am going to do it again this week for everyone.

So for the beginning of the week, the Angel Card is:

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel:  “Make time to write down your thoughts in a journal, or pen an article or book”

“Your soul longs for creative expression through writing.  I can help you schedule this activity.  Honor any inner nudges that guide you to write.  The writing may be for your own enjoyment, or it may be a cathartic experience of self-expression in a private journal.  as you work with your connection to the written word, you may receive Divine guidance to write articles or books for publication.  Call upon me at any time to guide you though this process.


For the middle of this week, your Angel Card is:

Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel


Archangel Haniel:  “Notice how the moon affects your energy and manifestations, and capitalize upon these cycles.”

“The full moon is a perfect time to release anything you’re done wihtm the new moon is the time to focus on manifesting desires and intentions, and the evening before the full moon is optimal time for healing, and for recharging healing instruments such as crystals and oils.  Spend time looking at the moon, and notice ow you feel in relationship to its cycles.  As you discover the moon’s connection with your vitality and mods, you’ll be more in touch with its Divine magic.

Note it is a full moon on March 5th.

Your Angel Card for the end of the week:

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael:  “I am protecting you against lower energies, and guarding you, your loved ones, and home.”

“Let go of worries, as I’m surrounding you, your loved ones, home, and possessions with powerful loving light.  This light repels lower energies, and attracts loving experiences.  Focus on this light and love – instead of on fear – as you’ll attract the object of your focus.  With your mind free of fear, you have additional time and energy to devote to your life’s missions.  You are free when you are fearless.  Know that you are safe at all times, and that my protection is flawless.”

Angel Card Reading – Feb. 22 to March 1, 2015

So I think I will try something new and see how it goes.  Last May (2014), I spent the day with Doreen Virtue and got trained in Reading her Angel Cards.  I don’t really use cards in my psychic readings, but I got a set of Angel Cards during my training, and I am going to do an Angel Card Reading for us all for this week.

So, for the beginning of the week, the Angel Card is:


Archangel Haniel (Glory of God) – live at your highest potential:  “Trust and follow your renewed passion in your love life and career”

“Playing it safe can lead to staleness and depression.  You have asked for more happiness and definite direction.  I have lit the flame of passion in your heart to lead and guide you.  it’s safe for you to take risks and follow your heart’s desire.  Ask me to be your partner along your path of passion, to guide and nurture you.  When you feel a strong knowingness alongside a burning passion, pay attention, as this is my way of giving you information about your next step.”


For the Middle of the week, your Angel Card is:


Sensitivity:  Archangel Haniel again:  “You are extra-sensitive to energies and emotions right now.  Honor yourself and your feelings”

“Sensitivity is a beautiful and powerful gift, and there’s no such thing as being ‘too sensitive’.  Your sensitivity helps you know the truth about situations and people, and its important for you to trust and follow these hunches, intuitions and impressions.  Spend some time alone in nature to further develop your sensitivity.  Avoid harsh situations and chemicals.  At home or at work, ask Haniel to help you choose life-affirming foods, beverages, companions and activities.  Know that its safe for you to feel deep emotions, as they’re part of your sensitivity.  Visualize the two of us sealed in beautiful bluish-white light.  This light dissolves any lower energies, transmuting them into love.  The light also helps you distinguish between your own feelings and those of other people”.

For the End of the Week Your Angel Card is:

Spread Your Wings

Archangel Ariel:  “Do not hold back right now.  The timing is perfect, and you are ready to soar!”

“Although you may feel intimidated by the prospect of change, and by the thought of moving past your comfort zone, you’re ready to fly high.  Welcome new opportunities, and know that it’s safe to follow your heart and dreams.  Keep your focus upon love, service, and spirit, and avoid nay-sayers or skeptics.  Rember that you inspire others with your story of turning challenges into victories.”

So, as I was pulling these cards for your week for you, one jumped out at me and it is so appropriate for an overview of the whole week.  It is:


The cards for the week talk about your passions, sensitivity, letting yourself soar and taking chances. If you find these things challenging as you go through your week, remember to be gentle with yourself. Change can be a little difficult, don’t make it any harder on yourself.

Power vs. Control

We are in some very powerful times on our planet.  2014 was a really intense year for all of us.  So much came up for us to evaluate or re-evaluate.  Some things just needed to be rejigged but a LOT of stuff needed to be let go of.

The good news.  Finally the energy from last year is clearing.  The bad news.  If you didn’t bother to practice some awareness and allow things that needed to go, to go, you are likely really uncomfortable right now.

More good news though.  The Universe and the changes of the collective consciousness on our planet are extremely supportive of each and every one of you awakened humans.  2015 is proving to be a fantastic year for stepping up and living your life ~ on your terms.

For all of you reading this, whether you are dealing with old energies or new, you are being prodded to step back into your rightful place of Power.  You are a powerful creator and you no longer have to be ruled by external forces.  There is nothing that you cannot do or be if that is what you want.  The trick here is to realize what you can and cannot control.

Being Powerful doesn’t necessarily mean you have any Control at all

Your power is a personal thing.  It is how you feel and how you create and how you do things in your life.  It is all about you.

It comes from within and is activated in you when you wake up in the morning knowing that you are creating your day with your thoughts and actions.  If you think you can or you think you can’t you are right.  You are using your power.  You have the power to create, the power to tear down, the power to expand or the power to contract.  Every time you use your power to remind yourself that you can do it, you are “Em-Powered”.  If you use this same power to tell yourself you are stuck or that nothing is within your control you are “Dis-Em-Powered”.

Control is something that humans try hard to maintain.  It rarely works though because you seem to be constantly trying to control external things or other people.  Because it is impossible to control other people or things, when you try, you give your power away.

In this disempowered state, you then affirm that “they made me feel”, or “they made me stuck”, or “this situation/economy/job is causing me to… (fill in the blank)”.   Not that they made you, they just didn’t do what you wanted them to do.  Or in the case of the economy or your work, you are only stuck if you believe you are.  Suddenly it feels like they have (or it has) all the power and you feel powerless.

power and control

Power comes from the Soul.  Control comes from the Ego.

The only thing you need to do in a situation where you feel powerless is to state it differently.  You are never stuck unless you give up.  Giving up doesn’t always mean doing nothing.  Sometimes giving up means taking action.  Sometimes ‘giving up’ means fighting for what you want.  Giving up in this instance, means giving up control.

When you give up control you can find your power.

If you are in a relationship and the person you are with is acting in a way you do not like you feel powerless.  In this case, you are powerless to change them.  You cannot control them.  However, you are not the least bit powerless.

If you release them (or it) from your expectations and stop trying to control them (or it), you immediately get your power back.  It really is that simple.

When you are able to bring yourself back into your own power, you can say to yourself “okay, here I am, here they are, there is nothing at all I can do to change them”.  Then you can succinctly state what you want.  “I want to feel better” or “I want more money”, or “I want to work or live somewhere else”.

The minute you give up on trying to control them and you put your focus back on yourself your personal power kicks in.  Once you begin to feel your power your intuition will be able to kick in.  You won’t be blocking it by trying to control external factors.  You will free up that energy to be able to steer you in the direction you want to go, and you will find that you start to get NEW ideas flowing to you.  You will never be open to the new ideas, unless and until you let go of the need to control the way other people or things are.

What you focus on really is what you create more of.  The steps are simple, decide what you want and then stop blaming other people or circumstances for why you don’t have it yet.  Listen to your intuition.  Make some changes.


If you would like some help figuring things out in your life a psychic reading can help.  You can contact me here.

If you want to hear what others have said about their readings you can check that out on my Psychic Reading Testimonial/Review page.





The Double Slit Experiment

“When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change”

~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

That is a great quote, and exactly true in so many ways.  When we can look at things differently, then we can perceive them differently.  If we can look at things with a different perception, it will change the way we feel, what we think and what we create.  It can and does also change actual ‘matter’ on a quantum level.

Intuitively I have known this for as long as I remember, I often perceive things differently than those around me.

I want to share the following video with you because it explains so well just how things can change just by us looking at them.

This is why our future is changeable as well.  When I do readings for people, I often see things that are coming up in the future, but just by being aware of and observing ‘the future’ we have the ability to change it.

Dr. Quantum, The Double Slit Experiment.

Signs that a Dead Loved One is Around You

There is life after death.  You in your human form are a small part of who you really are.  Your loved ones that have ‘crossed over’ just don’t have their body anymore.  They are still with you though.

I talk to loved ones for my clients fairly often.  I have noticed over the years that there are certain common signs and symbols that your dead husband, or wife, or child, or friend or ancestors, or anyone else who may be around you will give you.

This is not a complete list because just as we are individual humans, we are also individual souls each with our own personalities.

Dead people want to talk to you

Top 5 Signs Your Deceased Loved One is With You and Trying to Let You Know they Are There

1.  You find coins.  The most common is dimes, but it can really be any type of coin.

2.  Small things such as keys or pens go missing or are in a different place than where you left them.

3.  Lights flash or dim or turn off or on.

4.  Music.  You hear a song that reminds you of them.

5.  You see birds or butterflies (these are common ‘visits’), but keep in mind that if your loved one had a favourite (could be a dragon fly, giraffe, poodle or something else), then that is what you may see.  It does not need to be the actual animal, it can just as easily be a picture or a Facebook post.

These are the most common signs that a loved one is with you but it is certainly not an exhaustive list.  I have had dead loved ones tell me other things that are not on this list.

How Do Your Dead People Give You Signs?

Your dead loved ones don’t necessarily physically place things in certain places for you (although I am sure some can).  The most common way for them to show you things or tell you things is to ‘whisper’ in your ear.  They may put a slight suggestion for you to ‘look behind you’, or ‘look down now’ or ‘change the station on the radio’, and you will see or hear their sign.  Many people who have come to see me for a psychic-medium reading were just online and they “don’t know how they even got to my website”, but there it was.  Chances are this was their loved one helping with subtle suggestions that they come and see me.

I hope this helps.  If you have lost someone and are wondering if they are with you, pay attention to things around you and you may just find that they are with you more often than you think.


You Don’t Say ~ Supernatural, Shaw TV Video Snippet

Some of you may have seen this video before but I realize that it is hiding on my “About Psychic Medium Tamara Hawk” page.  I had it on my home page for a while and I did share it on my Facebook page, but realized I never did share it on my Blog pages.

Shaw TV came to my home and talked to me last year and asked me some questions about my readings and how I do them and how they work.

This is a part of a longer Show they did.  Their Show is “You Don’t Say”, and the title of this one is “Supernatural“.  The video below is just my  part.

If you haven’t met me yet, hopefully this will give you a decent idea of who I am ~  (or who you talk to if you are one of my ‘long distance’ phone clients).





Chronic Pain and Emotions

I learned something new last week, and I am sharing it because it is nothing short of amazing.  I was able to relate it to my own life and my own circumstances and I am guessing that you will too.

If you have an injury or other chronic pain, the severity of it and how long it lasts will be DIRECTLY related to how you felt at the time of the injury, and how you continue to feel as you go along with your recovery (or lack of recovery).

I can tell you my story of how I stopped my chronic pain in my ankle that had kept me from doing much exercise for 7 months (since last July!!).

This is going to sound really simple, and it is.  The only unfortunate part is that it took me this long to figure it out.

Chronic Pain

So in November 2013 I started going to a gym and working out with a personal trainer 3x per week.  Yes, I have extra weight, however my MAIN reason for going was to get strong and feel good and healthy.  I have arthritis, flat feet and at the time my lower back would go out on occasion.  I really wanted to strengthen my body and lessen my pain.

It was working, I could do squats for 15 minutes, walk through my yard doing lunges, do tricep dips off my kitchen chairs, hold a plank for a few minutes and could even do some push-ups. (not a lot of them, but I could do them!)

I loved going and felt great.  2x a week I worked out with a really knowledgeable trainer who knew about my ‘pain issues’ and would tailor the workouts to me.  She would always watch to make sure my form was good, ask me about my pain level for the day, and point out if my knees or ankles were twisting in a bad way.  Her motto was “make sure that you don’t cause injury and make it so you can’t work out at all”.

1x a week I worked out with another trainer that didn’t really even notice when someone had bad form, or point out that they were trying to do shoulder presses while slouching or that they were twisting or bending wrong.  When I worked out with him, I basically just watched myself.  It was okay, because he was helpful in some ways and I liked him personally, and the workouts felt good.

Then in late spring of 2014 the trainer I loved was let go.  I figured that I would keep going to the gym, they had another experienced trainer and I started working out with her.  I rarely got corrected on my form, I had to do that myself, or ask if they would watch my legs closely for form.  It seemed like the main objective of my new trainer was all about weight loss.  She’s a super skinny 30ish year old and she talked and talked about weight.  She had signs up, saying “the scale doesn’t matter as much as how you feel”, but it felt like all she ever talked about was what we were eating.

I was mildly annoyed because one of the reasons I had extra weight on was because I was injury prone due to lack of using my muscles properly.  I was trying to work out to strengthen the muscles properly so that I would not have so many injuries ~ stronger muscles = less injuries = weight lost as far as I’m concerned.

So anyway, I wound up with a bad injury to my left leg.  My hip and lower back hurt, my knee was killing me, and my ankle felt like the tendons were all pulled out of shape.  This had been chronic for me since July of 2014.  So that is my story, now I want to share…

What I did to feel better and lessen my chronic pain issues

A couple of weeks ago, I read an article about pain and the article said that your mind-set ‘at the time of your injury’ would actually impact how long your injury lasted.  I know and understand how our energy impacts our bodies so I started to think a bit about how this might apply to me and my ankle injury.

I realized just how pissed off I was that my favourite trainer had been fired.  I was angry that I was paying A LOT of money for personal training and didn’t feel I was getting what I paid for.  I had a few more months on my membership.  I asked the trainers to watch me closely and they didn’t seem to bother most days.

I had my last workout with them in July, and I started with the process of rehabbing myself.  I know enough about stretching and muscles that I was able to at least keep my lower back and knee from hurting too much most of the time.

My ankle was another story though.  It really felt like tendons and I tried to rest it and be gentle with it but it wasn’t getting better.  I couldn’t even go for a walk without suffering for a day or two after.

I kept getting emails and letters from the gym and would find myself almost annoyed at them. Subconsciously thinking “you guys suck, you hurt me!” and reliving the intense pain of last summer.

So, after reading that article and thinking about it, I decided to cut ties with the gym completely. I unsubscribed from their email list and “un-liked” them on Facebook. They did have some good things to share, but my annoyance, and therefore the energy I created was not worth it.

Fast forward to today.  On Monday (just 5 days ago), when I got the weekly email, I unsubscribed.  I did some energy work and meditation.  I cut energy cords to the gym and the trainers.

Now it is Friday.  My ankle has NOT HURT for a few days.  I have been out shopping and walking and NO PAIN in my ankle.  I will say that the muscles on the left back thigh and butt are a little sore, but it is muscle sore from using the muscles differently (properly with no limping).  Because my ankle feels better, the whole “shape” (the way I’m walking) of my left leg is different (more back to normal).

I shared this with my husband a couple of days ago and he had a story to add that shows another example of how this works.

In 2009 he broke his leg and wound up in physiotherapy for a few months.  He was really happy to be getting into the best shape he’d been in in years.  He enjoyed the fact that he could use the gym and pool for free for as long as he wanted on the days he worked with the physiotherapist.

He noted that some of the guys there (in physio) just didn’t seem to be getting better.  Their pain never lessened and they constantly complained.  Most of them were angry at the time of their accident, and stayed angry for a long period of time.

My husband healed up quickly and was back to normal (or better) within a few months of breaking his shin bone.

Do you have chronic pain or pain from an injury?

If you do, can you see or feel your emotions?  Not just the emotions about the pain itself, but the general emotions in any area of your life?

I wrote a post about fibromyalgia a few years ago because I noticed that a very large percentage of my clients that had fibromyalgia were really pissed off about something in their life.  Most thought their anger or upset was justified and they had no intentions of letting it go… just something to think about.

If you want to look into this a bit more, there is an awesome book that I refer to myself quite often, called “You Can Heal Your Life”, it is by Louise Hay and you can get it from Amazon by clicking on the book picture here if you like. (If you buy after clicking that link I will make a few pennies in their affiliate program, if you have a problem with that, feel free to Google amazon instead).

If you are feeling a little stuck and you can’t quite figure out what your emotions and vibration are trying to tell you I can help.  You can get more information about  psychic readings here.

***  Disclaimer:  I am NOT  a doctor.  I DO work extensively with clients on an energetic level.  This post is not meant to replace a doctor’s advice.  If you need medical assistance please contact your doctor.

7 Things You Can Do to Feel Better & Improve Your Mood

We all go through challenging times, me too.  This week has been somewhat challenging for me and I know that my thoughts will help to create my feelings and my feelings will help create my reality.

Thoughts, intentions, feelings ~ they are all energy.  We truly do attract into our lives what we are vibrating.  Sometimes when I find myself worrying or thinking about something I will make a conscious effort to change my vibration.

I would like to know that whatever is ‘on its way’ is better than what I am in the process of going through right this minute.  I know that if I lower my vibration I will just create more of the same ‘stuff’.

Feel good now

These are the ways that I use to get into a better mood

1.  I (always) stop thinking about things I can do nothing about.  There are a lot of things I can do, but there are a lot of things that are simply beyond my scope of control.  If I keep thinking about them it just makes me more depressed.

2.  I sometimes will listen to (or read) Esther Hicks channeling Abraham.

3.  I will sometimes go for a walk.

4.  Sometimes, if I am feeling particularly stressed and am having a hard time getting out of my head, I will just go to sleep.

5.  I will listen to a meditation that I need to follow along with in my head.  Hard to follow along and think about something else at the same time.

6.  This is one I do OFTEN.  I will write myself a list of things to do that will get me closer to what it is I want.  I wrote such a list last night, and today I have been going through this list.  If you do this, keep the list simple.  If you put too much on it you won’t do any of it.  My list for today had only 4 things on it.  There are many more things I want to do and that I probably will do today, but focusing specifically on this list keeps me from thinking about challenges.

7. Sometimes I will go out with a friend.  I am thoughtful with this one though.  If I think that by spending time with someone else will get me talking about what I DON’T want or having me focus on the ‘problems’ I have, then I make sure I spend time alone.

What do you do to feel better when you are in an uncomfortable mood or going through a challenging time?

Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

If you find that you need more guidance than I have shared in this post, you can book a psychic reading here.

Projecting Your Now into Your Future

I know you do this.  I do this sometimes (much less than I used to).  We all do this.  We project whatever is happening for us right now into our future.  Whether it is real or not.

I write a lot about living in the Now.  And the mindfulness of the now really is a nice place to be, but as humans we have a tendency to bring our now into our future, and sometimes it can feel pretty bleak.

When we are going through a hard time it is easy to project that hard time into the future.  It is too easy to think that things will stay like this forever.  To feel badly, and not be able to see our way clear to a time when things might be better.  You cannot see a potential future where you might feel happy and comfortable because NOW is uncomfortable.

Here is an example of projecting your present into your future

My husband is in construction and usually does ‘one-off’ jobs.  Meaning, he will work at one job site for a day or two, and his next job will be at another jobsite.  There are times where he is working a huge project with ongoing work, but those are few.  Most of the time his phone rings, he books work for the next day, or next week, and that’s it.  Sometimes he is booked up until the middle of the next week.

Sometimes though, he has nothing booked at all.  Has no calls to return, nothing.  In this case when my husband has no work booked business seems slow.  We may or may not have accounts receivable due in.  But in a circumstance like that it is easy for him to project into the future from this moment.  The way things look right this minute business is slow and it looks and feels depressing.

It doesn’t even matter what the subject is.  Business, relationships, finances, it could be anything.  If you are wanting a relationship and don’t have one, if you are feeling lonely, don’t project that into your future.  You won’t be lonely forever.

If you look at your life, it has been a series of events.  Most of the big positive events in your life came out of nowhere (now here).  Jobs, relationships… one day you wanted one, one day you got one.


Make it a good one!

Make it a good one!

As an example, my husband, today, has no work booked.  That doesn’t mean his phone won’t ring and he won’t have work for tomorrow, it just means he has none today.  He had none yesterday either, and on Tuesday he only worked for half a day.  In the past he would have freaked out and projected that into his future. (He’s so lucky to have me :-) lol)

There is nothing that he or I can do to MAKE his phone ring.  He spends a little bit of time on his business every day (because that is what you need to do when you work for yourself), sometimes its visiting jobsites, sometimes working on his website, sometimes just catching up on paperwork, or fixing tools, or any of the other things he does that I don’t have a clue about.  He ‘works his business’, whether he has a paid job that day or not.

He has learned to not let desperation or hopelessness sink in — he has learned not to project today into tomorrow.  In the past when he has created a vibration of lack, or of not having enough, all that happens is he attracts clients that have the same vibration.  These clients end up not wanting to pay a fair price for equipment and hard work.  He either doesn’t get the job or works for free.  Either way he’s wasted his time and ends up still being in a place of lack.

Those feelings don’t feel good.  Those feelings don’t need to last.  You don’t want to create a future for yourself based on those uncomfortable feelings.  You need to do what you can do in this moment for yourself, and you need to feel as good as you can.

This week, instead of spending his time projecting his present into his future, we went down to Home Depot and got some drywall and paint and we are doing some much needed work in our bathroom.  We haven’t had time and its something needs to be done.  Because he is not wasting time and energetic resources projecting ‘lack of work’ into his future, he is doing something that is making him feel good, and will also likely get his phone to ring for work next week.

Affirmations to keep from projecting your uncomfortable now into the future

1.  Tomorrow is another day.

2.  Everything I have in my life right now, was not there one day, and the next day it was.

3.  Everything always works out for me.


If you want some help to see potentials for your future, you can book a psychic reading with me.








Blending Spiritual with Physical

There seems to be a lot of confusion with blending the spiritual and the physical worlds. I’m hoping to explain some of this in this post.

I have been coming across some people that are so Woo Woo and they are driving me nuts. Yes, I said it, human emotion, NUTS.


We chose to come to earth to have a physical experience. A TON of us have come at this point time to help the planet and her people understand about energies and bring humanity back to where they were before. To times of Atlantis where we as humans were more aware of our power and our energy.

There are so many ‘guru’s’ that will tell you you need to ‘imagine’ and ‘intend’ and create with your mind. This is true, but they don’t always mention that we live here and if we want physical things (Money, a home, food), then we actually need to DO physical things.

We live in a physical world. I cannot stress that enough. Yes, as I wrote last week, this is only 1% of who we really are, but it is where we live and where we are PERCEIVING from. You will not be able to perceive 100% from the spiritual realm until you go back there.

You cannot wish for money which is a physical thing, and think that a physical thing will come if you just have your mind thinking about it. Okay, so maybe technically we could, because of how energy works, but ~ we can’t right now, because WE LIVE HERE. We chose to live here. We need to BLEND the spirit and the physical. Not just have one or the other. In order for us to be “all spiritual”, we’d have to be dead of our physical bodies. We already know what its like to be “all physical”, until 2006 99.99% of the planet was all physical. All you need to do is look around at what’s going on in the world to see the ‘all physical’ (wars, poverty etc.).

Your way to happiness is to have both while on earth. You live here, so there’s no point in trying to get to a place of ‘non physical’, as stated before, you’d be dead.

We can create a “Heaven on Earth” scenario, but it will not come from a place of wishing and hoping for something to be different. It doesn’t work that way. You came here to help, not just to wish and hope. You could have wished and hoped from the other side. You came here to DO. To BE. To help with changes. You chose to come to a physical world, some of you have eons of experience in other worlds, you think that the physical world is boring or ‘too slow’ (impatience anyone?).

You Chose to Live Here

You Chose to Live Here

Most of you have heard the quote “It’s the journey, not the destination”, well, you are on a journey. A HUMAN journey. Be patient with the changes, be human. Live, experience, DO, BE. It’s a pretty lonely life just sitting at home wishing and intending (and trying to “Manifest”) when you are broke and all alone.

Blend… do both.

One of the reasons why I like doing readings and writing so much, is because when I do, I am connected to Source in a very big way, and I feel really good. Any physical work I do when I have my strong connection with source feels good. Even scrubbing toilets is okay when I have my connection with source. If I am feeling good, it does not matter what I am doing. My physical world feels better.

Your trick is to connect with source and then do your work. Don’t think to yourself “If I just connect to source, and feel good, then my life will be good”. Yes, you will feel good, but if you don’t do something physical then you are missing the whole point of being human. The idea behind manifesting, is to feel good, and then DO. Do what you need to do to bring physical things to you that you want. Once you connect to your Source, you will be inspired to do things that will bring you what you want in the physical world.

If you get too woo woo and just wish for things, you end up being discouraged that nothing is changing. Then you are immediately disconnected from source.

Trust me, it feels really good when you connect with your source and create your physical life from there. The physical is a part of who you are.

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