Energy Alert ~ Full Moon in Sagittarius ~ Don’t fall for that old crap

Okay, hopefully I have your attention.  I needed to do an energy alert today.  So many things going on.  Firstly, a lot of you haven’t been sleeping properly, and sleep isn’t the only ‘cycle’ that is a bit messed up (hormones anyone?).

March was a weird energy month, a little slow for some of you.  April was better, May better still – but with all those planets retrograde things have been slow, and the past keeps creeping in.

These things from your past that are coming up (either energetically, physically or just in your thoughts), are coming up TO BE RELEASED.  They are NOT coming up so that you can fall into old patterns and cycles, they aren’t coming up because you are not good at manifesting, they aren’t coming up because you’ve pissed off the universe.  They are coming up now so you can recognize them, release them, move on and live the live you want to live.

energy alert full moon

Full Moon’s are great for letting things go.  This one in particular is calling you to your truth, your truth that is deep in your heart (nothing external matters here ~ listen to your heart).  You must be true to who you are.  You may feel pulled in a few different directions, saying no is not a bad thing.  You might need to say no in order to take care of and listen to your heart.

Allow for a shift in your perspective.  It is how you perceive things that can dictate your next steps or where you are heading in your life.  Something leaving your life is not necessarily a loss, it may be a gain of something else.

The energy shifts right now are HUGE.  There’s a lot of light coming to our planet and downloads like crazy.  If you need a nap take one.  If you need to meditate then MAKE the time to meditate (or rest).  You won’t be able to push through without exhausting yourself and feeling like you are moving backwards.

Mercury is going direct in the next couple of days as well so once the ‘shadow period’ of that is over (mid to late next week), you will find things start to feel a bit more ‘forward’.

If you have felt these ‘weird’ energies the past few months you are not alone.  Listen to your heart, release what needs to be released this full moon, and you will find some things moving a little easier for you.

With Love



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