Psychic Reading Testimonials

If you would like to leave your own testimonial for me, you can do so on my Best Psychic Directory listing. Or, send me an email and I can put your thoughts on this page. Here are some in-person, phone and email psychic readings, and in-person and phone mediumship readings:


July 14, 2015 – from S.P. in Hawthorne, CA:

Hey Tamara, Thanks so much for your reading. I am listening to this multiple times until it settles in my conscious and sub-conscious and gives me enough confidence and strength. Wanted to let you know that your reading has really really helped a lot. I can clearly feel the difference. Whatever you conveyed to me is of so much help and I am just making sure I retain this learning forever. 🙂 🙂 🙂


December 14, 2014:

Dear Tamara,
I would first like to apologize, for this letter is way overdue.  I had a reading with you Dec. 6th, and I have been meaning to write to thank you much sooner!  I can’t begin to explain how excited and appreciative I am to have had a reading from you.  The anticipation ahead of time was almost overwhelming.  I was happy to find that you certainly didn’t disappoint!
I found your accuracy during my reading astonishing.  You described my recent struggles, as well as the main personalities in my life perfectly.  My Grandmother (Nana) and my Step Dad came through clearly, and their messages will be cherished always.  Your friendly nature made it easy to relax and allow “the moment” to take place.
I have only listened to my recording of our session three times… I plan on hearing it many more times to come.  My significant other and my Mom were amazed with the accurate family information you described.  He is rather new to knowledge of the spiritual aspect of our lives, and your reading appears to have awakened a new found curiosity of our “spiritual energy.”  This has made for some very interesting and stimulating conversations!  You impressed him so much, he is eager to have his own mini-reading at some point in the future!
Anyway, I just wanted to thank you so much again, and tell you what a blessing you are in so many peoples’ lives.  Your “clients” are so lucky that you use your gifts to enlighten and provide guidance that most of us might never have the opportunity to have otherwise.  Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.  I hope I have the opportunity to spend time with you again in the future.
Luv Tanya (Anderson)


October 28, 2014  From Linda G. R., Texas:

Thank you Tamara!
I felt so connected to you and I trust you. You brought things to my attention that make sense to me. You helped me understand. I get it!!
Thank you so much. YOU ARE AMAZING!!


July 16, 2014.  From TF in Richmond, BC:

“Thank you so much for the reading today Tamara!  I have been in so much pain over my recent breakup, and you handled me very gently and compassionately.  Your reading was very accurate!  I hardly gave you any info, but you assessed everything correctly.  I will definitely be calling you again.  Thank you for identifying what’s wrong with my chakras, and why I keep attracting the same sort of disappointing/controlling relationship.  I finally understand.  I also appreciated learning the concrete steps I need to follow to cleanse myself energetically, and love myself more, so I can finally meet “The One.”  Many thanks for cheering me up and making me laugh during the reading by sharing the info about the next love to come into my life!  I love your energy and sense of humor!  You really made me laugh and gave me much-needed re-assurance/hope in the sweetest way!  You’re very down to earth and compassionate.  The reading was very helpful, on many levels.  Thank you!  Love, TF, Richmond, BC”


From Jennie, Chilliwack, BC, Jan 2, 2013:

I need to tell you how much the reading with you gave me peace after my husbands passing.  It is nice to know through you that he is happy and no longer in pain.
You gave me in the first 10 minutes what I needed to get on with life in a positive manner.
Not expecting so much from a “Chilliwack” medium (no offence).   I will probably be seeing you again in the future.


From Gia, Windsor, ON.  Aug. 2012:

Thank you for such an amazing reading, you hit the nail on the head with everything!! Not even a trained experienced psychologist could have been able to provide me what you have. I am so grateful to be able to speak with you.


From Janice F., Port Coquitlam, BC   Sept. 2011:

Hi Tamara! Thank you so much for the in person reading. You are incredible, I couldn’t believe how accurate you were! I had a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing you again.


From Christina V., Sudbury Ontario, August 2011 (email Reading):
Before her most current reading:  I have used this service of yours in the past, and all I have to say is “WOW”. Never in all my years & experiences have I received such a bang-on reading! Thank you so much! I require your insights once again.
After her August reading:  Thanks you once again for your amazing reading!
Again, you have given me a scarily accurate reading… I must thank you once again for sharing your gift & talent with the world!!
God bless!


From Diane F., Chilliwack, August 2011 (email Reading):

I cannot believe how spot on your insights were! I was completely blown away.
I cannot thankyou enough for your answers to some of my questions. I will be sending more your way to be sure. You perceptions, and insights ring so true to me, I cannot tell you how much it means to me.
Blessings, Diane


From Sara L., July 2011 (email reading):
Thank you very much Tamara. I really appreciate your reading. I nodded a lot while reading, because things that you wrote were things that I agree with completely, but were said to me in a way that wasn’t confrontational.


From Annie, July 2011 (phone reading):

Hi Tamara !
Thank you so much for the reading by phone you have done for me!
It has brought some peace in my life as I know what the options are!


From Donna J, June 2010:
Thank you so very much for today! And I’ve actually figured out even more of what you’ve told me by talking with my mum and mother in-law 🙂 I’m so excited for the future and can’t wait to come back in about a year 🙂


From Megan, Alberta, May 2010:

My husband had been in contact with you over the past couple of years, I believe the last time you guys corresponded was about a year and half ago or so. My name is Megan. You knew I was pregnant before I did. In fact, I was about 3 days pregnant when you told us we were having a boy and you were absolutely right. Then, baby number two and you said girl, again you were right. There were a lot of things that you were so dead on about, things that are truly almost spooky to look back on now. So much has happened since the last time you and he had contact, much of which you forewarned him about. He was wise to follow your advice, that is for certain!


From Rebecca, Aldergrove, BC, April 2010. In person reading with her and her mom:
Thank you so much for the reading. It was so much help for my mom. You have truly made her a believer. Well once again thank you so much for giving such a true reading.


From Susan, email Reading – April 2010:

You’ve helped me in more ways than 1 not to mention I wasn’t at all expecting so much details.
Thank you’ve adjusted my soul.
I hope you don’t mind if I network and refer my friends as they need to know that you have a spirit that is comforting and we all need to snuggle now and then.


From Mili, phone reading – January 2010:
I just wanted to tell you that though Ive been to 3 other psychics who I think are good, I found you to be the most honest one. The others are great too but you actually allow me to interpret things as well and when you couldnt answer something or werent sure of something you acutally told me that because sometimes when a psychic didnt know the answer to something, he/she wouldnt be honest about it but instead try to just come up with something that they feel is what i either want to hear or would just kinda make a best guess at it. Take care and have a great new years 🙂


From Paul Piotrowski at

In 2006 I was at a point in my life where I knew it was possible to have a strong intuition about things, but I was somewhat skeptical about whether or not professional psychics offered more than just good advice.

I wanted to know if it was truly possible for them to actually tune into information from the “other side” and offer details that they couldn’t possibly know otherwise.  After several readings with other psychics I wasn’t really convinced.  When I had my first reading with Tamara, I was blown away by the accuracy of the information she shared with me and there was no way she could have known the things she shared with me in the reading except by psychic means.  Her reading opened me up to the world of psychic phenomena and I’ve had numerous readings with her as well as other psychics since then which have helped me in life immensely.

Since then, I have also connected to my own psychic abilities and am actively working to develop them.  I highly recommend Tamara, even if you’re still somewhat skeptical like I was.


From Kristina, In person reading – September 2009:
THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR TODAY, it was a pleasure to meet you and it was a great reading and it confirmed quiet a few details..


From Stacey, re. In person reading – March 2009:

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you. You are definitely an
enlightened soul. You have a lot of positive energy. I found since the
reading to worry less and I’m more aware of things working themselves out.


From Felicia in Vancouver, re email reading – October 2008:
I hope all is well, I wanted to let you know that I did meet someone recently as per your predication, the timing is pretty good.
Thanks again, you have so far been the most accurate psychic I have seen, I will get in touch with you in the next few months for another reading…thanks Tamara!


From Agata K, Maple Ridge, BC April 25, 2008 re phone reading:

I am so incredibly impressed with my experience with you Tamara. I had a bit of anxiety when I first thought about getting a psychic reading done – mainly because I went to another psychic previously (a palm reader), the answers I got seemed so very “set in stone”. The information was presented (by this other psychic) in such a way that I felt like my life had been written out for me, and there was no way to change what was about to happen. I left feeling completely exhausted, and really tense and nervous of what was apparently in store for me. When I spoke to you over the phone, however, right from the very first moment of speaking to you, my tension eased and I was immediately comfortable with you. You answered the questions I had, and gave me the feeling of empowerment. You taught me about how lives can go on many different paths, and how we are in fact in control of our destinies, based on our daily actions. Speaking to you was truly, like a breath of fresh air, and I highly recommend you to anyone who would like some insight into their lives to enable them to move forward with confidence, and a feeling of empowerment. Thank you SO much for helping me on my way – you’re a wonderful individual!


From Lenny, North York, ON – September 23/07 – re: email reading:

Wow! I cannot believe how accurate you were. There were things that no one could have even guessed at. You are very gifted and very compassionate.
I am very impressed! Thank you so much for helping to light my way a little.


From Sheridan C., Salt Spring Island, BC – August 2, 2007 – phone reading:

I just want to thank-you again for the wonderful reading and all your help. I felt alot clearer by the end of the day and my night was one of the best I have had in a long time. I also really appreciated that you could feel out both avenues for me and help me to clarify which one I really wanted to take. You are very compassionate and gifted, Thank-you for sharing that gift with me. I will be passing along your phone number to others and highly recommending you. I may also give you a call in a few months time…


From Alyson R., Burlington, ON – Feb 10/07:

I really want to thank you…. I really appreciate the time you spent
sending me a response to my email. I feel like you totally understand me,
what I’ve been through, where I am right now and where I need to be.

Thank you for everything, I can’t tell you how greatful I am.

An Update email from Alyson R., – April 20, 2007:

Just wanted to tell you again how amazing you are. We spoke in January and you told me that I would get a job and be moving to Calgary and said something about the number 4. I thought maybe it would be 4 weeks but that passed. Today I was offered a job in Calgary and they want me to start mid-May…which would be 4 months. All I can say is WOW! I haven’t accepted the job just yet but I have been thinking about you all day and just had to share how amazed I am by you.
I have already and will continue to recommend you to my friends and I will definitely be speaking with you again soon!


From Melissa M., Vancouver BC – Feb 8/07:

Dear Tamara,

As you recall I was very, very nervous about our phone call. I needed clarification about the future with my family (as they live so far away), and I was uncertain about how it would go. You made me feel so comfortable from the beginning, and when I managed to ask those difficult questions, fortunately, you were able to give me responses in such a way that will give me comfort for a long time.

In past experiences with this type of reading from others, I have been given almost too specific ‘direction’ which set my mind to inevitability; as a result I decided never to consult a psychic again, as I would prefer not to know. Years later, I came across your website at a time when I had doubts about my future. I am very pleased we talked (which felt like old friends by the way) as I now feel confident that I am skipping and floating down the right path – I just needed confirmation.

Aside from guiding me with my almost ‘too specific’ questions, you enlightened me with aspects about my character I never knew. I feel empowered with this knowledge, and I have a burning desire to learn more. Our reading was beyond what I was expecting (as I was simply expecting answers to questions), and I gained some very powerful clues about my path in life.


From Lisa E., Port Moody, BC – November 17, 2006 (email reading):

I just wanted to let you know that this is probably one of the best
readings I’ve ever had. You truly have an exceptional gift.

I just wanted to respond to you to tell you how thankful I am.


From M.J., Vancouver, BC – November 13, 2006, regarding her e-mail reading:

– Thank you for not holding back. I appreciate your frank approach! It is very refreshing.

– I am grateful for you having the time to share your gift – this has been an unbelievable reading. It is amazing how much you can pick up with only knowing my name and not having me present (ie. on the phone or in person)! Thank you so much for this – I feel extremely priviledged to receive such guidance for my life. I am very grateful for all that you have provided for me – this is an incredible amount of information. Thank you kindly for all of the time and effort you have put into this.

I know I will be in touch again in the future. I will certainly be recommending you to others. Wishing you the very best – and thanks again for sharing your brilliant gifts.


From Marilee P., White Rock, BC – Sept 5/06:

The telephone reading that we shared a few weeks ago was spot on, and I feel empowered. Thank you.


From Tracey N., Cornwall, Prince Edward Island June 13, 2006 – regarding her e-mail reading:

Thank you very much ~ your reading is very accurate ~ in fact, the same ‘guy’ came up in another reading I had about a year and half ago (exact description)…whoever that may be. I will definitely have you do another reading in a few months as I’m VERY impressed at how well you were able to do this without having ‘live’ contact with me~ Next time I’lll send more information on my kids to help it along (although what you’ve extracted here is bang-on for their personalities considering I’d given you nothing). I will check out your website for cutting cords (with thanks)….

I’ve had readings done by a number of different people over the last decade ~ each has had varying degrees of accuracy in the immediate sense (yours is definitely one of the top two).
Take care ~ you certainly do have a valuable gift!


From Kristen., June 7, 2006 – regarding e-mail reading:

Thank you so much for the reading. I don’t know what to say as I’m just blown away for lack of a better term. I must say some of it leaves me with many questions and I may just have to schedule another reading with you. After seeing how much more elaborate you were over and above what I asked, it triggered a lot more that I’d like to ask. You were very accurate with ‘current’ things.

I am just rambling here and wanted to confirm with you that I did get your email and am very pleased with the reading you took both the time and care to do. Thank you so very, very much.


From Joanna W., New Westminster, B.C., Sept 10/05:

I was listening to the tape of my reading last night, it cheered me up!Thanks for the reading it was awsome! I really enjoyed talking with you the other day, it was really neat, so much of it was true and right on.


Ed L., Ormond Beach, Florida (July 5/05):

Dear Tamara,
I want to express my deep appreciation for the information you revealed in your communication with my wife, Mildred on July 3.
It was extremely revealing and I was pleased with the results of the reading. Above all, it was so comforting. I’m in your debt for your endeavor in this matter. I will be in touch with you in the not too distant futures for further contact with her. Again, my heartfelt thanks.
With warm regards,


From Donna H., New Westminster, BC:

From the East to the West coast, I have experienced many psychic readings, and I found Tamara to be one of the best. She has the ability to tune into your loved ones as if they were sitting right there talking to you. This is one reading I shall never forget.

(Note from Tamara Hawk: When I do mediumship readings and someone from the other side comes through, they are sitting right there talking to you, they just happen to use me, so that you can hear them).


From Corinne D. – New Westminster & Victoria BC

I have had the experience both of an in-person reading and a telephone reading with Tamara. I really appreciated her non-judgmental approach, and how easily the information flowed for her. Even though my questions concerned aspects of my life that involve other people and outside factors, she always focused on me and what I can be doing within the realities of my life, to continue and enhance my growth. To my view, this is the best kind of spiritual guidance to be had: when you leave the experience with that gentle reminder of how all the possibilities are within you and not outside with other distractions.

Tamara combines this ease and flow with a very professional attitude. Her energy is calm and clear and she has a lot of integrity. In addition, she took care to phrase her interpretations of the messages she was receiving in a way that I could find the meaning for me, rather than imposing a certain meaning on them. She’s positive and caring, and I wouldn’t hesitate to seek her out again when the calling arises.


From Nicole M – Vancouver, BC:

About her reading:

Wow!! Oh my god Tamara, are you ever right !!

About her Numerology Report:

The numerology (report) was awesome, I really, really enjoyed reading it. I’d say 90% of it is true. Thank you, thank you, thank you soooo much for doing that for me.


Laura C. – New Westminster, BC:

After knowing Tamara as an acquaintance for several years (unaware of her gift), I had the pleasure of her giving me a reading. She was extremely positive, very professional, not to mention she hit the nail right on the head! Since then, she’s given me quite a few readings, as well as my co-workers and other friends, all with excellent results. Good luck with all your future endeavors Tamara, and keep up with the good work!


MaryAnn S, New Westminster, BC:

Just a few lines to thank-you again, not only for my ‘reading’ with you, but also for the tape of our session. I have found tremendous comfort in listening to the tape, especially when grief had a grip on me. I’d listen to the tape and feel ‘healed’ again.

When doubts arise about an afterlife, I don’t even need the tape, I just remember what you said on it—and I feel better, and believe again. God bless you and your work Tamara.

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