Westender Article Followup – Seeing the Future

Monday, December 18, 2006 – Sent to Westender regarding the future.

Now, how does the client know that what I’m seeing coming up is “real”? A couple of ways. There is usually a ton of other information about the past, present and general state of things to let them know that I am “for real” and really connecting with their energy, or the energy of a loved one who has passed on. A lot of times I will pick up information on future events (travels, celebrations, people), that they already know about or that they already have planned – another indication that what I am seeing is ‘for real’.

For in person readings, they are provided with a tape so that they can listen to it periodically and see the things I have seen in the future start coming to fruition. Its often fun to listen to these after 5 years to see how many things have come up.

Some times the psychic impressions that we get are in the form of direct words – those are the easy ones – I get told something and hear it, and pass it on. Sometimes I get pictures shown to me, or feel feelings rather than having the exact words spoken to me. When the information comes through in that way, things are left to our own interpretation of them. When sitting with a client, I tell them if the information I am passing on is a direct statement from Spirit in the form of words, or my interpretation of something I am seeing or feeling.

Sometimes I will simply describe the picture I’m seeing to them and allow them interpret it themselves.  I myself do not profess to be a “fortune teller” nor do I ever tell anyone that their future is set in stone. When I see something in someone’s future, I normally tell them that it is “one possible outcome” of how things might be. For example. If, while doing a reading for a woman, I see that there are child souls around her that are all set to come in.

It is in her chart, if you will, that she will have X amount of children – I may even see WHEN that child or those children are due to be here and whether they will be male or female. Now, once I have told her that and she is armed with that information, she can do whatever she chooses. She can take measures to make sure that it does not happen, either by changing the time frame I saw, or by permanently making sure it never happens. The same thing could be said about accidents — saying “I see you in a car accident in the last week of July for example”. Well, stay out of cars for the last week of July —– problem solved, no accident.

That’s part of the point of seeing someone like me, to let you know what opportunities or challenges are coming up. Ultimately, we are the creators of our own lives, good or bad. There is nothing that cannot be avoided.

Also, when I myself am doing a reading, I may see that someone has something that they need to work on before they get a desired result. For example, there is a hurt/baggage that they need to work on before they get into a healthy relationship. I may see yet another negative (read: learning) relationship for them in the near future.

I can let them know all of this. I can let them know what hurt I see that needs to be healed, I can aid them by giving them tools (energy work, prayer, meditation), to help themselves heal, I can give them clues as to the relationship so that they can CHOOSE to avoid it when it presents itself.

They have the free will to take or leave anything that I have told them. I personally think that I would be doing a disservice to my clients to tell them — bad relationship coming up, here’s what s/he looks like, your life sucks sorry……and just leave it like that, and leave the poor soul thinking that they have no choice.

We are our own Creators. What our lives look like is ultimately up to us.

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