Happy 11-11-11 everyone. Aside from it being Remembrance Day, it is also a day of new beginnings, and a great opportunity to bring awareness into your life.

When you begin seeing 11-11-11 in your daily life, it is a reminder that you are creating your life experiences in this moment. I remember a client asking me once what it meant to see so many 11’s and I told him “be aware of what you are thinking”. He was surprised and appeared disappointed that that is what it was.

The thing is, a lot of people expect that when they start to get signs, it is all about what is “out there”. My client expected that my answer would contain information about what was outside of himself.

What the ‘answer’ is, is that your guides and/or higher self are bringing to your attention that you are in a moment of creating and to remind you to keep your thoughts positive, loving and forward.

If you see 111’s, take a good ‘look’ at what you were just thinking about in that moment. Were you thinking about what you wanted, or were you thinking about what you didn’t want? Either way, its a reminder that you can change your thoughts, or expand on them. Which of course will change your life.

Over the past (long time), I have been writing about letting go. If you have successfully let go of something, even if it is just with your heart, now, on 11-11-11 is the perfect time to look at what you want to create. 1 is the beginning. It is a fresh start. A new energy. Those of you who have been working on letting go and self-change may feel a huge shift this week, and especially today.

Chances are, if you are reading this, you have already shifted your way of thinking from the 3D, and are embracing the fact that we are Souls in human form.

If you are reading this, and have not made any changes, or let anything go over the past while, you may be finding yourself a bit worried. Don’t. The “Window of Change” (according to the Mayan’s), is from 1980 to 2016. With of course December 2012 being the focus for many people.

11-11-11 is a big deal energetically, but if you had not been ready for a shift beforehand, or if you didn’t have any shifts that you needed to make (rare, but I suppose possible), you will still be impacted by the “Collective Energy” of everyone and everything on the planet. Ride the ‘wave’ of energy, allow for the flow, the new, and you can’t help but feel good.

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  1. I attended a 11/11/11 Party last night with a number of Spiritually minded folks in attendance. Lots of good energy and interesting talk and ideas. This is a big deal. We meet the future “Kicking and Screaming” or we can meet it with open arms and a smile. Hmmmmm, still deciding. I like your Post even though I am a day late reading it.

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