Is it Fate?

You chose your life before you were born. You picked your parents, where you were going to be born, what work you were going to do and who you were going to try and get together with while you are here.

Imagine, being in “Heaven”, and planning out your life. These plans are held in what many call the Akashic Records. In these plans (Records) you have accounted for everything you could imagine at the time. You decided who you would like to meet, what you would like to do. You allowed for the fact that, based on your decisions on earth, you may need more than one opportunity to accomplish something you feel is important.

If there is a Soul Friend that you want to meet up with, you may have poured over the plans with them saying, “Okay, if I make choice A, I will be able to meet you at this point in my life”, if I make choice B, then I won’t meet you until 6 years after that, and “choice C, D, E etc.” You have planned for everything that you could possibly think of. You also left yourself the option to create things as you go along.

You didn’t want to be so rigid with your planning that if an opportunity came up you wouldn’t be able to experience it if you wanted to. You created your records before you were born, you changed them over and over, you said ‘what if’, you gave yourself many options. YOU did it. You planned it, you created it. YOU put into your records what YOU wanted.

You also realized that we live in an ever-expanding Universe and that as you had experiences in your life, you might want to add even more things, or take some experiences out of your Records.

You may have written into your Akashic Records that you wanted to experience awareness while you were here. You decided that at some point in your life, you would ‘get it’, understand that we are all one, that LOVE is what counts and that you would be happy and content. You give yourself many opportunities to do this. You may meet up with a family friend as a child that can help you with this. You make a decision (either with awareness, or lack of action) and you do not end up ‘getting it’. Then in high school there is another opportunity to wake up, and you do not take it. Then at your place of employment in your 20’s, and STILL you chose to ignore the opportunity. Then you have a family, one of your children brings in some LOVE to try and teach you that there is more to life than what you thought and again you ignore what is right in front of you.

You go through your life, being completely unaware, ignoring all the signs and signals that have been trying to point you in the direction that your Higher Self wants you to go. To focus on love and light and our connection to Source and each other. Until finally… you wind up with a HUGE crisis. A divorce, a health challenge, the death of a loved one, a near death experience. Something, that FINALLY helps you to WAKE UP, and to realize that there is more to this life experience than what you have been trying to hold onto all these years.

Now here is the really neat part. Just because you are in a human body, does not mean that you cannot ‘tweak’ your Records now. Imagine that. Being able to create the life that you want. Not many people believe that you can change your Akashic Records. You may think that it is something outside of yourself, FATE, if you will, that planned the records for you. It wasn’t ‘fate’; it was you.

In order to change and experience the life you want you require a certain amount of awareness. You need to have a conscious connection to your Higher Self, and a conscious connection to Source Energy. Or alternatively, you can talk to someone who can read your records and/or connect to your Higher Self with or for you. You need to believe and know that you are the creator of your Akashic Records and your life, therefore you can be the re-creator of your records and the re-creator of your life.

You do NOT necessarily require a crisis in your life. All you need is to be AWARE of what is going on around and within you, so you can take advantage of the opportunities in the easiest possible way to accomplish what is important to you on a Soul level.

Some of you may want to know where your gifts lie. Your records may tell you that you are ‘meant to be’ a healer. Being a healer might not resonate with you, because when you think of it, you think that a healer is a doctor, nurse, or Reiki Practitioner. You don’t want to be any of these things. Finding out that your Higher Self chose to ‘heal’ while here might feel disappointing to you.

Here’s some more good news. Just because you have a gift of being a healer, it does not mean that you need to have any ‘certain career’. There are many healers that work in manufacturing or as accountants, or some other career that pays the bills. Because they have a gift of being a ‘healer’, they often help people heal aspects of their lives without even knowing it. Just by talking, or by listening, or by being kind, or loving or buying organic, or having enough money that you are able to share financially with others. On the surface, to our Third Dimensional vision and way of being, it may appear that no healing is going on at all during these interactions. But on a higher dimensional level, and on an energetic level, those “healers”, ARE healing people on our planet.

You don’t always SEE your impact. But whether you see it or not, you are impacting everything around you in some way all the time.

You created it before you came here to this dimension, you can re-create it at any time. We NEVER fail on our path.

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