Energy Alert ~ 11/11 ~ and Super Full Moon in Taurus

We have some pretty intense energies happening this week.  Today is 11:11 and coming up on Monday is a Super Full Moon.  The moon has not been this close to earth since 1948, and for some it is the only time they will be experiencing this.

To some of you, it may feel like the world is going bonkers.  Remember, everything you experience is a reflection of what you are putting your attention on and what you are thinking about and feeling.

If you have anger or upset in your heart, you will likely see more and more examples of people around you (or in your world) that feel angry or upset.  If you hold love in your heart, you will be able to feel the loving transformative energy that is taking place on our earth, and you will find examples of it everywhere.

With the 11:11 our manifestations are coming up really fast.  Please keep loving and positive thoughts, you will find that there can be so much love and harmony in your life.  Relationships can heal and transform at this time.  Even your relationship with yourself.

Some of you are seeing geometric shapes in your meditations.  Some of you are seeing shimmers, or things out of the corner of your eye.  The veils are very thin right now, and this is a part of the transformation and creation process.

Something that has come up a lot this week in my readings and meditations is personal responsibility.  NO ONE is responsible for your life or how you feel.  This is your job.  No one can ruin your life.  No one can fix your life.  That is up to you.  The good news is that if you embody this and meditate on it, you can create something wonderful for yourself at this time.  Keep love in your heart.

With the full moon energy, you can ‘go with it’ and grow, or you can ‘fight it and suffer’.  The choice is yours.  It all comes down to your thoughts and vibration.  You are okay, you are creating your own life.

Try the following statements and see how they feel to you:

First, project things outside of yourself and state the following.

  • This is horrible, the world is an ugly place.  People are evil and mean.  I can’t do anything about this.  Someone is going to need to tell me what to do, because I am powerless and with the state of the world I am screwed.  There are so many mean people out there.

Now, go within.  Into your heart, and state the following:

  •  My life is good.  I have some people around me that really love me.  When I go out, I smile at people and most of them smile back.  Wow, just look at that beautiful tree/flower/dog/bird, (whatever you see in your line of vision).  The world is a beautiful place, there are so many people in this world that are loving and kind, just like I am.

You are creating your life.  Whatever you are focusing on, the Law of Attraction will bring more of it to you.  You are helping or hindering yourself and the Collective Consciousness.  Please create wisely.  The 11:11 gives us really fast manifestation, and the Full Moon gives us the opportunity for healing.  Take advantage of these energies in the most positive way you can.

It is up to you.  You are creating your experience.  It starts with a thought, then it leads to a feeling.  DECIDE HOW YOU WOULD LIKE TO FEEL and then let your thoughts take you there, focus on love and what you wish to see.  Let your creations be positive ones.

The absolute best way to heal the world is to start with yourself.  Raise your consciousness, go to love, and the world becomes a more loving place.  You cannot force someone else to feel love, however, if you exude love, then what is around you will be loving as well.

Love CAN AND WILL spread like a virus if we allow it.


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