Energy Alert ~ Super Blue Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse ~ January 31, 2018

Wow, super intense energies with this one!

Super-moon (very close to the earth)

Blue Moon (second full moon of January)

Lunar Eclipse (when the moon passes into the earths shadow)

Blood Moon (When the eclipse happens the moon will appear red for about an hour).

So much has been going on with the energies.  I know some of you have started new things and some of you are feeling like you are barely holding on.

Its been a long time since I have done an energy alert ~ probably since the beginning of December.

In around the end of November something shifted.  We changed dimensions.  Everything has felt weird since then.  I swear that most of the time through January, when someone has asked me “How are you?” or “How are things?”, my response more often than not has been “weird”.

Its not even something that I can fully explain ~ its just weird.

This is manifesting in so many ways, I’ll do my best to explain some of what I am feeling and getting for all of you.

For a lot of you it is like things have just slowed down in a lot of ways.  You are still working and doing what you need to do, it just feels like forward and useful things haven’t been happening in the way you are accustomed to.

If you look at what you have done, you will see that yes, things have gotten done.  The energy has just been so subdued that it doesn’t feel like you’ve been doing much.

We are used to being able to see and feel external changes as they are happening.  A lot of the changes the past couple of months have been much more internal and slow-feeling.  A lot of you are feeling different, but you might not quite be able to put your finger on it.

You may even be saying to yourself “What just happened?”

Or “Where have I been?”

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone in this.

The Full Moon is a perfect time to release things that are no longer serving you.  These can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual things. It can be people, places, ways of thinking ways of feeling, ways of BEing… anything that no longer feels like it fits in your life.

Its a good idea to write down anything that you are ready to let go of.  Really let ‘er rip.  Don’t hold back.  Anything that is no longer serving you, write it down.  Once you have finished writing, you can bless what you have written, and do a little ceremony and burn it.  Set the intention that you are truly letting it go so you can start fresh.

Things will feel a little different in February, a little quicker maybe.  Just not quite so sluggish.  It would be great if you could go into February with a cleaner slate.

Physical Manifestations of the Change in Dimensions over the past couple of months

Okay, so aside from what I wrote above, here are some possible ways that you may have been feeling the change in dimensions:

  • Dreams, dreams and more dreams.  Not everyone dreams, but boy oh boy, those that do sure have been having some doozies.  Some are just releasing stress, but there have been a LOT of messages in your dreams lately.  If you have trouble remembering your dreams, try and keep a journal by your bed and write them down in the night.  Pay attention to the details of your dream, they will give you clues.  (a lot of you have also been connecting with loved ones in dreams state lately).
  • Unusual sleep patterns.  A lot of you are waking up in the middle of the night.  Not just waking up and rolling over, no.  Waking up and feeling almost like its time to get up.  Staying awake for 90 minutes to 3 hours.  There are other ways sleeping habits have been different, (it will vary), but this is a common one lately that is different.
  • Feeling like your get up and go has got up and went ~~ this should improve after this Full Moon.
  • An inner knowing that it is time to do something, anything, differently.  Listen to this one please, its important.  The details will be unique for each of you, but whatever it is, do something different.  Some of you may jump in and go for it in a huge way, and some of you might need to take some smaller steps.  Just know, you are in the process of creating something ~ if you don’t feel ‘perfect’ in your moment, change it up now.
  • Oh, and that cold that just won’t quit?  Where is it manifesting the most for you?  Your chest?  Your throat?  That will give you an idea of what chakra might need a bit of work.
  • “Intuitive Hits”.  Times when you ‘just knew’ something.  Or seeing repeating numbers, or thinking of something or someone and seeing it/them or reference to it/them within a short time.  Pay Attention!

You Must Be You and You Must Process Your Stuff

Be yourself.  Don’t let anyone else tell you who you are.  We are Becoming.  You are Becoming.  You must be authentic, and you must be you.  Speak your truth.  Be yourself.  Live YOUR life.

You don’t want to get stuck in a cycle where its the same-old, same-old.  It is NOT necessary.

Whatever your s*hit is, deal with it somehow.  See a therapist, write in a journal, book an appointment with me, talk to your best friend.  Doesn’t matter HOW you deal with it, but you MUST deal with it.  LOOK at it and Let it out.

If you are feeling emotions, then feel them!!  You don’t need to take it out on other people, (that’s never nice), but you DO need to let yourself feel.

Do not allow bad feelings to fester inside you.  It won’t feel good, and sugar coating things won’t work either.  It is what it is.  FEEL it so you can let it go.  If you push feelings down, if you refuse to cry, or shake or scream (not at someone), or feel, it will manifest in your physical life.  Trust me, you don’t need that.

The time for blaming other people for YOUR stuff is over too.  It is YOURS!  OWN IT!  If you can’t own it, you can’t release it.

This year is going to be more ‘weird’

It just may rock your world.  Some of the things that will come out in the news, or things that will change for the collective will be major.  We will have more dimensional shifts much like the one near the end of November.  (these are also sometimes called timeline shifts, even though time is a manmade construct).

That is why you need to be you and release your old stuff.  You don’t want to bring ‘the old’ into this new we are creating collectively.  Allow for the new, the fresh.

And for the record, ‘weird’, doesn’t mean ‘bad’ ~ it just means more different.  No sense ‘trying to fit in’ with how things are, because ‘how things are’ in our world right now likely won’t be fitting next year.

With Love

Tamara Hawk




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