Can you feel the change coming?

This is NOT a negative feeling, but I think that something big is going to happen.

I’m just throwing this out there to see how many of you have been feeling the same way I have, or have been getting the same messages I have.

For weeks, or months I have had this feeling that I ‘need to prepare, change is coming’. Nothing specific though.

Some days it feels like I should clean out my house and pack up, or do a will, or back up my computer, or save money, or stock up on groceries, or whatever. Just this overwhelming feeling that I need to prepare.

It’s been driving me a little bonkers at times because I am not getting specific information on where to start. I ask the question “Do I need to do up a new will and fast?” and I get “no, it’s okay”.

No matter what specific question I ask I get the answer “no, it’s okay, it’s not that”

creating my own reality

Thoughts are Things

I have gotten a lot of information about the 5th dimension and I am living less and less in the 3rd, this I know.  I used to want to stay more in the 3rd because I thought that that is where the fun was.  I have since realized that the other dimensions are just as fun.  Just as I see “dead people” doing what they enjoy in a different dimension, I can still do what I enjoy without sticking myself in the 3rd. I can still interact with the 3rd dimension, but the 5th is where the fun manifestations happen and the coincidences, healing, psychic-ness etc.  (this might be a different bigger blog post at some point, but not today).

This morning I sat down to do a meditation and asked my guides and the Universe point blank “What am I supposed to prepare for? What is going to happen?  What specifically do I need to DO?  What actions do I need to take to resolve this feeling of “needing to prepare”?”

You know what answer I got!!

“There is nothing you can do to prepare”

“There is nothing you can or need to do. Just relax, and enjoy life, everything is good.”

That’s it.

Thanks a lot guys!

I had a similar type of message in summer of 2008. Coincidentally, (there is no such thing as a coincidence) 2008 was also a “1” year numerogically and it was the beginning of a 9 year cycle and here we are in 2017 – another 9 year cycle beginning.

So, back to the summer of 2008 – I got a message to stop spending money, to pull back a little bit. So I shared that with my husband, and we did.

When I asked “Why? Are we okay? Is something bad going to happen to one of us?”

The answer I got then, was, “no, everything will be okay, just stop spending as much as you are now, don’t incur any extra payments and pull back some”.

Within two weeks of that was the economic financial crisis of 2008. We were fine in the long run, but construction slowed A LOT and my husband had very little work for quite some time.  It was uncomfortable for a while, but it turned out okay.

If I’d had a blog back then, I probably would have written about it.

So, here we are today. I have a blog, so I am writing about it.  Is anyone else feeling this?  (please leave a comment)

I need to say again THIS DOES NOT FEEL LIKE ANYTHING NEGATIVE. It feels like a fresh start, or just something really really DIFFERENT.  Like a massive shift is on the horizon but maybe the exactness of “how it will manifest” or “what it will look like” is not set in stone or something.

If I could give you one suggestion based on the following message: “Don’t worry, it will be okay, things are changing, and change is good”

The suggestion would be go to your heart. Clear out all the energetic crap you don’t need, stop focusing on what you don’t want, and start to look forward to what you DO want.  Things are manifesting quickly.  Take steps to be happy each day.  At any given moment if you feel uneasy, just go to your heart, feel love for all situations, stay in your moment and TRUST that everything will be okay.

Who else feels this?!?

A few hours after posting this, I came up with an analogy on how the energy feels right now (I posted it on Facebook, but I know some of you aren’t on there).

Its like hearing on the radio “Be the 10th caller now and you will win $10,000” – then you call and the phone is ringing and you know you are the 10th caller but they haven’t answered the phone yet and you are really excited KNOWING that you have just won but you have to wait another minute for them to answer the phone!!!



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  1. Don’t really know how I feel.
    Manifesting is difficult even with medatation.
    Don’t know what I want all I know is that the passion and excitement is hard to find at best.
    Things feel mundane.

    • Manifesting is happening all the time. Manifesting is easy, it is the ‘practicing awareness of what you are focusing on that is harder.
      Pay attention to what you are thinking, doing, writing, affirming. Whatever you are saying in these ways is what you ARE manifesting more of.
      So try to change your thoughts first. Find something that is positive and focus on that. What ever you are focusing on is what you will get more of.

      You could try reading this over, it might help a little

    • dont think of manifestation as difficult-or it will be (right-!?)

      Mundane is okay: cant be exciting all the time. Cant even be happy all the time so might as well be happy about that

      “After all: ‘Live the mystery” is the best statement/philosophy/bumper sticker/etc EVEr–!!

      Well, okay, except other than
      “Dont Believe Everything You Think”

      (should be a Whole New Religion, ya know?)

      (oh and: “Honk if you love peace and quiet”)

      okay I am going to go and “Live the mystery”

      (something I actually really -ok often but not always-suck at with a life path of 1 and an Aries….GrrrrRRr-)

      Who is coming with me-? Tamara? etc?


  2. I have great expectations for this “1” year. Last year was one of my worst so I’ve looked forward to this one.
    It seems though as I try to take steps forward, example – wanting to sell my home and move, I am facing delays, lots of rescheduling people and feel like I’m getting no where fast. I try not to dwell on all of it yet those negative things creep in.
    I guess I just need to be patient and keep positive.

    • Hi Vicky,
      Sometimes delays can actually be a blessing in disguise. Try and perceive them as “something better is on its way” or “it will happen at EXACTLY the right time” rather than as a “negative thing”.
      That can really tweak your energy into a more positive place. Which of course will have your manifestations be more positive as well.
      Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

  3. Marilee Kitson says:

    Hi Tamara….I am feeling the winds of change too. My mom has been ill in hospital, and I feel there will be a big change for her…and consequently, for me. Waiting is hard. My husband had a heart attack recently, and that is making us a bit nervous about our future. I have been artistically blocked for several months. I feel that this, too, will change around …for the better. Overall, I have felt anxious, but not sure why. I do like that your peeps are being reassuring….and hope that this is true for all of us.

    • Sending loving prayers to you and your family Marilee,
      As for what my peeps are saying, I do believe it is true for all of us.
      As for your art, I know the feeling, it has happened to me before with my writing. What helped me through it was to stop ‘trying’ to write, and to stop wondering when I would feel like writing again. I just put my energy elsewhere for a while, and did my best to not think about it at all. I basically distracted myself from any thoughts about writing at all, and then one day I got a download of information that I just HAD to share, and the floodgates were open and the writing commenced.
      You do have a lot of other stuff on your mind as well which might not be helpful for creativity.
      Be gentle with yourself. <3

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